Kingdom of Singledom


Single while the rest of the world celebrates the muchhyped holiday of love? No problem! We got you covered with some exciting things to do on Valentine’s Day if you happen to be as single as a slice of cheese. And, we don’t imply that you sit around at home eating ice cream in your comfort clothes while watching one of those Valentine’s Day-themed shows on the television.

Treat Yourself
If you don’t have that special someone to get you through this clichéd day of indulgence, then it’s time you take the bull by its horns. Go all out; pamper and love yourself to the fullest! Girls can spend a day in the spa for a heightened sensory experience or splurge on a new wardrobe since there’s nothing more uplifting that retail therapy! The boys on the other hand might enjoy watching a game at a lively pub. Spending an exorbitant amount on one of those lustworthy, must-have gizmos is yet another brilliant way for the boys to remember this Valentine’s day for a long time to come. It’s all about treating yourself!

Take a New Class
Are you flying solo this Valentine’s Day and have absolutely no idea what to do while the rest of the world goes gaga over going romantic? It’s time you start loving yourself. Take up a class or participate in a workshop that you are interested in. Bartending, dancing, art appreciation, yoga or baking are some of the more interesting ones to choose from. Opt for kickboxing if you want to avoid a tear-inducing stress fest of a day!

Throw a Party
Why suffer alone when you can actually have a blast with your friends? Host a party for all your single friends and take the fun factor of your party up a notch by making it a theme party. Yes, we do realise that Halloween is long over, but you can always get creative with your theme to ensure that your guests pour in by the dozen. Ask your guests to dress up from a vintage era or as their favourite superhero or comic character, or even as someone from the ‘60s! Accordingly, you can plan your décor, refreshments, games and music, a task that is bound to keep you occupied for a good number of hours on the day itself. Let your creative juices flow and go all out for this party. Naming one of your drinks ‘Flirtini’ is a good start!

Stay in and Go All Out!
We promised to stay away from the done-to-death mushy movies and comfort food sessions and we will. Instead, we suggest you stay in to cook up an epic, multiple-course meal for your close friends. Devour it and enjoy a movie marathon of all your favourite flicks. If you really want to stay away from the V-day mania, steer clear of all cheesy rom-coms. All you boys can stay in and enjoy endless rounds of video games on a day like this. Didn’t we tell you! Being single can be fun!

The Hype
You know Valentine’s Day is approaching when all the stores turn into a bright shade of red and burst with gifting options like greeting cards, stuffed teddy bears, hearts, flowers, heart-shaped candy and jewellery! V-Day is the most lucrative holiday for restaurateurs, florists, jewellers and greeting card companies after the holiday season. And why wouldn’t it be! Consumers are bombarded with advertisements that scream SPEND.

At one point of time, Valentine’s Day was a day of youthful love. A card was exchanged; perhaps a single rose accompanied it. It was the thought and the time spent together that mattered and not the amount of money spent. These days, no sooner do store owners pack away their Christmas and New Year’s wares than they begin to festoon their stores with gifts of love. It’s no wonder then that the world’s most widely celebrated holiday turns out to be a commercial success.

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