10 Signs That Prove You Are Enjoying Social Distancing To The Fullest

social distancing
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Some of us are better off without talking and socializing with people, so this period of social distancing has literally acted as a customized gift for us. Here are 10 signs that prove you are actually enjoying social distancing to the fullest.

You are trying out new looks 

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Moustache or no moustache, no matter how you look, nobody is going to watch and mock you. So you are using this time to try out new looks till the time you don’t finalize on the perfect one. 

You lie in pyjamas all day long 

Social Distancing
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Looking presentable and decent is the last thing on your mind right now. You have hardly slipped out of your pyjamas and an oversized t-shirt since the time you began with social distancing. You really don’t care how messy you look. 

You have absolutely lost track of the day and time (because every day for you now, is a Sunday)

Social Distancing
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Ask yourself which day it is today and what date is it. If you take even a second to think, you have totally disconnected yourself from the outer world. 

You have forgotten what routine is

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Your routine has completely gone for a toss because you have started sleeping and waking up at odd hours. You also have a bath whenever you feel like it, or somedays you feel you are just better off without a shower. The same goes for exercising.  

You are doing ‘eat-sleep-repeat’ right 

Social Distancing
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Why not? What else do you anyways have to do? So all you are doing is eating, snacking and sleeping. 

You have reconnected with your hobbies

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If you get tired of eating and sleeping, you choose to do the next best thing: re-pick a hobby. 

You spend hours video chatting with your buddies

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You now don’t have to wait for weekends to meet your friends now. You can now meet them every single day over video calls because just like you, your friends also don’t have much work to do.

Netflix and other online streaming sites are your new best buds

Social Distancing
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You are currently spending all your time binge-watching all the shows and movies you weren’t finding time to watch just a few weeks back. 

You have started enjoying work more than ever 

Social Distancing
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You can start your work anytime because no one is now keeping tabs of your in-time and out-time. Plus you can also use your phone in between work. 

You have no plans of returning to your original way of life 

Social Distancing
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You have comfortably settled yourself in a new way of life that demands very fewer efforts from you, so you wish you get to continue with this. 


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