UGC Wants Larger Universities Split


The University Grants Commission (UGC), following a report by an expert panel, is looking into splitting larger universities into smaller ones. The smaller universities would be affiliated with 100 colleges at the most, with not over 50,000 each. This expert panel has pointed out in the report that which such large student and college numbers, the university has been reduced to being the body that just administers examinations and hands out degrees. The panel has also suggested that splitting the universities will enable the improvement of academic standards and quality of teaching. This splitting will reduce the pressure on the larger university to be the coordinating body among hundreds of colleges.
Among the universitiesto be split are Mumbai University with 650 affiliated colleges, University of Pune (800 affiliations), Andhra University (725 affiliations), University of Rajasthan (500) and University of Kerala (195).

Volume 1 Issue 11


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