Trends Of The Month – November 2015


Another ban story

“EkEhsaas – Chaudavin Ki Raat”a concert by Pakistani singer Ustad Gulam Ali, which was supposed to be held in Pune and Mumbai as a tribute to maestro Jagjit Singh’s fourth death anniversary, was called off. This became another addition to the ban culture of democratic India this month.

Great khali
Great Khali’s Mockumentary

This Ambuja cement advertisement shows The Great Khali facing an unusual problem faced by him in his hometown: whatever he tries to do, he damages something as the walls aren’t built with good quality cement. This hilarious portrayal of one of the strongest men has hit all the right notes.

Mark Zukerberg
Modi meets Zuckerberg

Prime minister’s celebratory hug, his emotional interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kept the nation glued to their TVs and phones. This also steered an controversy (with people adopting the tricolour tint to their profile pictures), which was later justified as a coding error; sigh of relief to many in opposition to

Traffic jam
Being the change

8-year-old Abhinav’s letter to the Prime Minister, stating the problem he faced taking 45 minutes to reach his school which was only 3 kilometres away from his house, pointed out an important issue of under construction of the flyover over a railway crossing. His letter grabbed the attention of the PM (who asked concerned authorities to look into the matter), hence proving to be an inspiration to those who want change.

Sahitya Akademi
Writers return SahityaAkademiaward

SahityaAkademi award being an autonomous and secular institution does not hold any significance to the on-going rightist and leftist politics. So the question arises as to why the writers are returning the award, when the government has no association with the institution. SahityaAkademi award is given as an appreciation for the quality of writing and literature in our country, as some writers have pointed out this move can jeopardise the authority of the SahityaAkademi. Will this attempt be successful by returning such a prestigious award?



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