Toscano, Bangalore


Cuisine: Toscano is an Italian restaurant, so the menu is an offering of pizzas, pastas, salads, seafood, and meat and poultry preparations. The dessert menu is continental.
Ambience: Mild, classy and respectable. An open, sunshine-y feel.
Food and Drinks: The free bread basket whets your appetite with some aromatic and delicious Italian breads. The soups are light. The meat dishes are cooked well. The braised pastas tend to be dry if you are looking for a ‘saucy’ experience. The pizzas are fresh and you can see them being prepared in the restaurant from scratch. The desserts are the real draw – great variety and absolutely lip smacking. Toscano is famous for its wines (32 in the menu!), so if you like wine, this is like winning the lottery.
Service: Quick, friendly and efficient. No long waiting times.
Price: Some items are unnecessarily expensive (like the mocktails and salads), but by and large Toscano is moderately priced.
Overall Impression: Worth a visit, especially if you’re in a group. Unfortunately, the location is a deterrent. This particular Toscano branch is in a mall and not a good one at that. There are other better malls in the vicinity which dull the sheen of the place. 2nd Floor, Forum Value Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore (Rs. 500 per person) – Daksha Prithviraj


Volume 2 Issue 5


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