Top 5 Countries To Study In, During The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

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It’s known to all that the academic world took a serious hit after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The students willing to fly abroad for pursuing higher studies had to face a terrible setback in their career as the international borders closed down for the outsiders. Now, however, with some countries relaxing their travel restrictions, Indian students can once again begin applying to foreign universities and get their career goals on track. 

Sure there will be many things that aren’t going to be the same. Many countries and their educational institutes have changed the admission procedures, fee structures, and rules. Nevertheless, they are still very much interested in attracting foreign students and are thus working around putting in place a suitable educational infrastructure taking into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here are the top 5 countries that are the best to study in during the pandemic. 


Canada has always been one of the best destinations for Indian students to pursue their higher studies. It is home to many of the topmost and internationally acclaimed universities in the world. Its multicultural environment is not the only reason why it becomes the best country to study, but also its government system that ensures a safe stay for the international students even during COVID times. 


The diverse range of courses offered by the universities of UAE is incomparable. Indians, especially, will find it easier to study and settle in the UAE due to cultural similarities and the Indian population already residing in the country. Besides, UAE invests heavily in its education system and thus have had its universities equip themselves with all the necessary infrastructure needed to provide distance learning to all its students. 


More and more Indian students are gradually choosing Germany for higher studies purposes due to its improvement in the educational sector. Germany is now especially known for Engineering which includes niche domains such as Mechatronics, Nanoengineering, and biomedical engineering. Not just this, but the country is also offering high-quality business degrees making it a favourable choice for Indian students. Besides, the cost of education in Germany is also considerably low. 


Denmark is one country that is known to have one of the modern and best education systems in the world. It also ranks high on the World Happiness Index making it a great destination to pursue higher education. This Scandinavian country is known to offer quality education in the fields of Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Environment Science, and Design studies.


Poland has a robust, advanced and developed education infrastructure that every student would want to be a part of. It strikes a great balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. What makes Poland an even more desirable study abroad option is its low level of COVID-19 cases as compared to the other countries in the world.  

Other countries like New Zealand, the US, UK, and Australia too are good options to consider, however, their procedure might end up becoming a little tedious for the Indian students during the pandemic. The above mentioned countries however are good options to consider if you are planning to apply to a foreign university for your higher studies.  


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