How To Do Social Distancing Right? Learn From These Celebs

social distancing
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We humans always know how to approach the worst of catastrophe with optimistic approaches, good spirits, and pragmatic solutions and alternatives. The world, amidst the widespread fear of Coronavirus, is adopting ways to keep up physical as well as mental wellness on the right track. One of the most helpful and effective ways to keep the virus from spreading is ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-quarantine’. 

Social distancing and Self Quarantine are terms we all have been seeing rising to the surface since the time Coronavirus has touched almost every country in the world. These terms are rather new to us youngsters, so let’s try to understand them a little more in detail. 

So what is Social Distancing

It is a practice adopted by authoritative bodies to keep the spread of infection in check. Social distancing occurs when major events, functions, shows, etc are cancelled to draw away the crowds. Social distancing also means that individuals willingly choose to avoid going to public places, especially crowded ones, to steer clear of viruses and infections. 

Now, what is Self Quarantine

In simple words, self-quarantine is self-isolation. It’s the practice of disconnecting yourself from the outside world as much as possible. This basically means that you just lock yourself in a room. This practice must, however, be adopted only when you stand a certain chance of catching or carrying symptoms of the virus. This is an extreme step and is in most cases suggested by doctors. 

Given the situation the world is currently undergoing, the governments of all nations have suggested people undertake social distancing as a precautionary step to protect themselves from Coronavirus. Welcoming this suggestion, many have cancelled their work trips (but obviously), are working from hope and are carrying out their daily routine in different ways than usual. 

Out of the many many people who are practising social distancing, are our celebs who have made this practice a rather cool one and they seem to be totally enjoying it. We must take lessons from them because they sure are doing the whole social distancing thing right. 

Let’s have a look

Katrina Kaif 

We all know she is a health freak and won’t compromise on it come what may. So no matter how many gyms get shut, our Kat will keep going. Let’s join her!

Anushka Sharma 

She has shown us that health and hygiene come first. She is one actress who willingly steps forward to create awareness about the things that count as important, and this is one of that. Let’s follow her footsteps

Deepika Padukone

Since we all have got loads of free time, something productive must be done. What’s more productive than cleaning your wardrobe which your mum has been telling you to do for a year now. Our lady has indeed done some real productive work during the time of social distancing. 

Ayushmann Khurana

We are so busy running behind building a life that the only quality time we get to spend with our family is during festivals. Now, in times like these, you must spend as much time as you can with your close family. The video posted by Ayushmann Khurana spending time with his wife and kids has all our hearts melting. What are you waiting for? 

social distancing
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Kim Cattrall

Now that we are all sitting at home, let’s just simply appreciate the beauty and magic of nature, because celebs are surely doing it!

Courteney Cox

OR! You can just dance your heart out! There is nothing better than dancing is there? 

Ross Bustler 

You can also reconnect with your furry friend and it the love it was longing for since a long long time! 

Brandon Flynn

Understanding our social responsibility is the most important in such challenging times. So as Brandon rightly says through his Instagram caption, we must practice social distancing not just to protect ourselves but also for the betterment of our entire community, society, nation, world and effectively for our existence. 

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We can’t control much, But we have the ability to activate the small things we can. Social distancing is a great example of something that may feel very small but can save lives. When we place our ego on it, that’s when we fall into our anxieties and our fears… that’s ok. We should be aware of our anxieties and fears. We have the time To work through those, be with ourselves, figure out solutions, pause and build A relationship with life and our purpose. Our needs. Our desires. It’s time we don’t normally give ourselves or receive. It’s scary to be alone, it’s scary to be confused, it’s scary to not be in control… that’s life, I think. We are hearing so much in the media and through our communities; the reality is people are going to deal with difficulties, they will not be working and making an income, they will be far removed from Family and loved ones, they will get sick, they will struggle to feel a part of something, they will feel overwhelmed with not feeling needed, they will be scared of lack of information and ignorance, they will feel selfish… the world has faced difficulties before, people have asked these questions for centuries, we’ve moved through and made it out of the other side and the world has kept on. I don’t say this to minimize the situation. There are solutions and there is time to gather the information we need to make decisions based on these queries. How beautiful to think that maybe we will come Out of this feeling better about ourselves, that we may have given Earth a slight reset and have helped build her immune system, that we have maybe saved lives by taking time away from our normal manic mayhem, that we are getting to witness the world coming together for a greater good; something we take advantage of most days. I’m just trying to offer some peace, trying to stay informed and practical. The truth is, none of these are my original thoughts; I have been utilizing this time To reach out and listen and these are the worries and concerns of myself And others and our unified pondering on remaining calm And informed and active in a still state. Think, what can we do for our brains, our bodies, our spirit, and for someone else…

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It’s a matter of some more time before things fall back to normal. The more we remain precautious and careful, the better. Stay indoors as much as you can and maintain basic hygiene. The process of surfacing through this difficult time will become little speedier. We owe it to ourselves. 


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