The Perfect World


Author: Priya Kumar
The Perfect World describes a journey to the inner depths of our souls to reclaim the hidden, limitless potential that lies dormant through our lifetimes till we decide to access it. Kumar, a motivational speaker with two bestsellers to her name, I am Another You and License to Live, artfully tells the story through a dreamlike fantasy that takes the protagonist, Niki Sanders, to a ‘perfect world,’ Zedius. On Earth, Sanders is dissatisfied with her job, finds her relationships too demanding and dreams of becoming a writer but is paralysed into inaction by her insecurities. On her journey to the perfect world, Sanders meets spiritual beings who have the power to be whatever they want; and as Sanders discovers, so does she. The narrative is driven forward with psychological insights into the self-doubts that limit our potential and the ability to imagine that unlocks the possibilities that lie within us. All in all, the breezy read with its fantastical metaphors will leave you inspired and entertained.

Volume 1 Issue 7


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