The New Internet Lingo Is ‘Dope’

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TInternet is a crazy place to be on. Since its initiation, the way we humans have put our languages to use is actually very interesting. Since communication became easier and faster, people it seems, started hurrying in conveying messages to each other. This is vivid in the kind of ‘internet lingo’ that has been developed by us. From ‘B Ryt Bck’ we have directly jumped to ‘brb’. ‘V hv really bcom way advncd isnt it?’

So what does ‘Internet lingo’ mean?

Simply put, Internet Lingo is various types of slangs used by the internet users.

While many are abreast with this lingo, many are ignorant. If you are one of them, you need to gain some knowledge about this and up your internet game.


‘You Only Live Once’ is used by people for doing something they probably shouldn’t do but they end up doing it because we get only one life to live. Get it? It is used very often in a sentence for encouraging  someone to do some idiotic or sensseless task .


‘I Don’t Give A F***’ is a doltic way of saying that you legit don’t care about anything at all.

Eg – IDGAF about this project!


‘I Don’t know’ is a short of saying something you are unaware of or have no knowledge about that subject/context.


‘Shakes/Shaking My Head’ is used to show or convey your disappointment at someone doing or saying something stupid or lame.


‘Direct Message’ means to directly send a personal message to a person.


‘In Case You Missed It’ is used when you share a particular information that is missed by the people or you aren’t sure if other people already know about that particular information.


‘I Don’t Care’ is a sober version of ‘IDGAF’. It is used when a person doesn’t care about anything .They are carefree


‘In My Opinion’ means to express your opinion without offending someone. They aren’t facts, but just people sharing their personal opinions with someone.


‘Parents Are Watching’ is used by kids who want to avoid saying or doing something when their parents are around them.


‘Ask Me Anything’ is widely used on Reddit where an authority on the field of subject is open for answering questions. It is used on the internet for publicly asking Q&As


‘Thank God It’s Friday’ is a way to express joy when Friday finally arrives and the weekend kicks off .

Eg- TGIF, lets gets started with the weekend celebration alraedy.


‘To Be Honest’ is used when you want to say something about someone/something with complete ‘honesty’. Eg. TBH I really hate those shoes. It is a term that encourages people to express honestly how they feel about a person or an idea they post.


There are two meanings to this:

‘It Doesn’t Matter’ is usually used during an argument. It is used to convey that something or someone doesn’t make a difference in your life or in a particular situation. Eg. IDM what they think about me, I like myself.

‘I Don’t Mind’ is used to say that you are okay with a particular thing and have no problem with it. Eg: Idm waiting for you at the restaurant.


‘Before Anyone Else’ is used as by today’s youth to acknowledge their partners or loved ones often referring to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Eg. My BAE. indicating that someone comes first for you than anybody else.


It’s short for ‘what the f***’. This one is just an add on. Though abusive, it does sound a little cool, and a little more cool when coupled with genuine emotions.

Which one is your favorite?


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