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Many people want to run away from the training academy, including me when I first joined!”
The length and the content of the service course varies from airline to airline. For example, Kingfisher does a 14-day, intensive service training program for new recruits; but certain low-cost carriers do not focus as much on service training. Service training typically consists of customer service, passenger handling, how to use equipment, how to serve food, use ovens, differences in economy and first class, grooming and presentation, etc.
For safety training, the DGCA has mandated that all airlines must train their crew for 35 days in safety for a particular aircraft . The DGCA certifies the trainers and the faculty, and appoints a nodal officer, a representative of the DGCA, who certifies the cabin crew. Safety training is divided into four parts:
1. Aviation security – a 6-day training on very severe threats on airlines such as hijack, arms and bombs, precautions, first aid, etc.
2. Dangerous goods regulation – teaches cabin crew about what is permitted and not permitted on board safely, for example, perfumes and deodorants.
3. Safety training – A 19-day technical course only about safety regulations when passengers board, take off , opening and closing doors, etc.
4. Crew resource management (CRM) – this 2- to 3-day course teaches the cabin crew that they are not the only resource on board a flight; passengers are also a resource. It also emphasises time management, stresss management, fatigue, delegation of duty, etc. Rai gives this advice to aspiring cabin crew members on the essential aspects of the training required: “When we are out of school or college, we want to take a career with the least amount of studying involved. But all airlines have a lot of training and assessment involvement. Cabin crew perform a vital role for airlines and they are not acknowledged as doing so. At 35,000 feet, they are responsible for everything, including giving emergency treatment for heart attacks. Th ey are not only service staff ; they are qualified people who are able to save lives.”

The number of people applying to the service aviation industry today has dwindled. The airlines also have in the past let a large number of their cabin crew go, as the economy is not doing well. Nonetheless, people are joining airlines by the dozen. Kingfisher has recruited about 200 people in this quarter alone. The attrition rate for airlines is also very high because the Indian market cannot compete on an international rate to other airlines as international rates are much higher. Moreover, if you are experienced as cabin crew, then some airlines may hire you in INR for an international salary with half the workload.
The cabin crew in India are trained more intensively than America, the Middle East and other countries. The number of days and intensity of training for Indian crewmembers is much greater. Thus, Indian trained cabin crew can join an international airline after only six months. The international airline benefits by getting qualified, English-speaking staff , which reduces the amount spent on their training.

Most of the airlines give you a salary breakup of 40 per cent basic and 60 per cent flying – you literally get paid on the number of days you fly. Also some airlines give you a percentage of any sales that are conducted on board. As a fresher flying only 65-70 hours in a month, one can expect to earn about Rs. 25,000-30,000. These salaries are close to doubled when you travel internationally. There are additional sources of income when flying internationally as people tend to buy from duty free on long-haul flights. Moreover, one gets allowances when on a trip, such as expenses and hotel stays in 5-star hotels.

This hottie from Haryana is a graduate in Philosophy from Delhi University. She started working as an air hostess while still in her third year of college before joining movies. While flying the skies, she married and then divorced Karan Singh Gill, a Jet Airways pilot.

This lady is one of India’s most powerful social arbiters. She was amongst the first of Air India’s gorgeous hostesses to marry one of India’s powerful businessmen. She snagged the chief of Godrej Industries, Adi Godrej, and today, even at the age at 64, she is considered one of India’s most flamboyant and glamorous women.

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