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Love hosting parties, events? Disha Seth helps you enter the world of hospitality by introducing you to top international institutes offering hospitality degrees

India is considered to still be developing, much like hospitality management. There is enormous untapped potential in this field. Right from a hut to a luxury, seven-star hotel, hospitality has always been seen as one of the foremost principals. If you are born and brought up in India, then you probably have Athithi devo bhava imprinted in your mind since a very young age. There is nothing better than to have immense passion for the profession you chose, and if you are an attentive and extremely polite host, with a knack for business and finance then shave your beard and trim those split ends because you are all set to study hospitality. A dynamic personality, natural charm and all the etiquettes listed in the course module of a personality development class are absolute must haves for such a profession. People skills will take you a long way. Language fluency will help you talk your way out of a food fight and sticky, room swap situations. Hotel management is a wise career choice if you are looking to study abroad. Excellent facilities, great campuses, once in a lifetime opportunities, exposure on a wider platform, topped with an adventure filled student life will set you at ease. On campus placements are very common, leading to at least a 5 figure salary, depending on one’s individual drive and capability. Workplace choices are immense with the growth in the hotel industry, and if a five star is not your aim then you are not short of alternate options such as fast food joints, cruise ships, hospital catering and the list goes on. You can choose to do a bachelors degree for three years or a diploma for a year and then move on to a specialization for a year. Pursuing hotel management internationally is not a hard feat, so aim for one of the better institutes and turn into a successful professional.


Cesar Ritz
Dress corporate and give presentations all in one of Switzerland’s best institutes. Cesar Ritz has many courses to offer you: higher diploma or bachelors, postgraduate and masters. A fine institution with upcoming, career driven young minds. It consists of three campuses located in select locations of Switzerland. If the course isn’t enough of a reason, the campus definitely is. It’s a once-in-a-life-time opportunity with ample freedom and the reputation of being a Cesar Ritz graduate assures you employment if you make it through your course with good grades. It prepares you for all kinds of practical situations, which is a very important part of the modern day requirement. They inculcate leadership qualities within each and every pupil and make sure their individuality is made an asset. Community service, student support and various other opportunities are at your disposal if you choose to add to your CV. They provide student-friendly course flexibilities, shifting from one branch to another in any year is not a concern anymore. Missed the intake? Don’t worry, there are three more in one year. Don’t miss out an opportunity to apply to such a reputed institution, try your best and hope you get your wish.


Cornell School of Hotel Management
One of the best colleges for hotel management keeps its reputation with a number of interesting subjects to choose from, ranging from ethics to hotel asset management. The Cornell campus is spread over acres so leave your laziness behind along with your childhood blanky! The School of Hotel Management is set apart and the architecture is outstanding. Cornell founded in 1922, was praised by Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels, who allegedly claimed it was the greatest hotel management school in the world. Situated in Ithaca, a city in upstate New York it offers exchange programmes and extracurricular activities on a wide scale as well as internship opportunities with Starlet Hotel. Take in the breath-taking city, get a glimpse of the Greek life, admit yourself into a sorority or make your own, be a part of their digital magazine, Hotelite, or start a newsletter. Work hard and hope to be recruited into the best companies through on campus interviews. Be ready for the true international experience with more than 150 international students, learn their culture, language and gain something extra for your resume. Start gathering your certificates and adding to your CV since the admissions begin in early August.


William Angliss Institute
William Angliss is a fine institution for hospitality situated in Australia. A good chance to make more mates instead of friends. This institute is known for the  practical experiences offered to enhance and perfect the skills of every studnt. You have the golden chance of voluntary work, paid or unpaid, in the Australian Open as well as Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. The ultimate exposure opportunities are served on a platter right there. They offer specialization in hotel management, functions management and club management among other options. They have tie ups in China, which leaves an open door to transfer to the most populated country with exciting cuisine and give that a whirl. As you pack your bags, all set to become a Melbournian, keep in mind that you are setting foot in a country that sleeps and breaths food. If you fall in love with the language, culture and the friendly residents, then don’t hesitate to look for a permanent placement since the William Angliss Institute is willing to train you in the specific areas a hotel requires.


BHMS(Business and Hotel Management School in Switzerland)
BHMS is one of the schools in the Bénédict Switzerland Group of Schools. Situated in Lucerne, it is one of the top three schools for hospitality in the world. A prestigious institute with strong ideals is the idea behind this institute. Fine skills and development of personality will be a result of studying in BHMS. An international family away from home is the bonus you will receive. Much dreaded acquirement of internships is solved by this institution. It provides a considerably good environment for proper training of all students, leading to prosperity and great achievements in the career further on. BHMS doesn’t let you get unhealthy as well, its associated with many nature trips, mountain climbing expeditions among a few other activities that students can make good use of. After such a tiring day every one hopes to go home and relax but all international students get to go to a 3-star hotel turned student residence, which offers a student lounge, a room, kitchen along with a restaurant! Brush up your table manners, for this institution has no patience for clumsy behavior!


University of Surrey
University of Surrey is the place for you to explore your options in hospitality. They provide ample information about the various fields in hospitality and explore the details which helps you make an informed decision about specialization. Surrey is probably one of the best bets if you are looking forward to studying in the UK. Surrey has had its graduates employed by companies like ‘Hilton’ and ‘Four Seasons’ so you can look forward to being hired by the best. If you fancy a year abroad, this university will help you find your way to your choice of country. Surrey is a place to explore, its student friendly atmosphere draws you in and the campus leaves you gazing in awe. Be prepared to be swept away by the cleanliness and the beauty. Remember to carry your jacket along.


Les Roches
Les Roches keeps their students busy. It has a condition of two semesters of internship and ends semester 7 with selecting a field you want to specialize in. This 3.5-year course has been designed to suit the requirements of one and all. No matter what your place of employment demands from you, they will soon realize they have a multi-talented Les Roches graduate pass out amongst them. Les Roches offers specializations from event management to marketing, so there is no window for error. If you are looking for a fault then you wouldn’t find one since they even have conferences and networking opportunities with the local hospitali,ty officials. It offers you a piece of college life by providing you a cultural night and a sports day. If you are homesick then you are in luck, you can choose your country and manage to bag an internship there, which will be counted as valid by the institutions.

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