Experts Speak: How To Become A Successful Food Blogger

Food Blogging

10 years ago from today, you might have been the proud owner of a cookery book. 10 years forward from that day, you can be the more-than-proud owner of your own blog, consisting of a variety of fascinating recipes. In recent years, the blogging industry has experienced a huge boom. Any doubt about that? Blogs are the new-age fuel for enthusiastic individuals who want to construct something big out of their passion. They have not only torn down the conventional media structure, but professional blogging is reaching new heights, each passing day. Subjects such as fashion, lifestyle, food and technology blogs are burgeoning on social media, with many successful bloggers taking it up as a full-fledged profession. Food blogging, which was limited to a niche world once, is now expanding worldwide.

If you’re a big-time foodie who drools over scrumptious food and clicks the best pictures of an aesthetically delicious plate at your favorite food joint, you technically have the capacity to be a food blogger. Whether it’s an off-beat recipe that you make or a unique way to share your eating experience, or your review of a popular eatery that helped others, it all paves the way for you to step into the food blogosphere.

There is so much room for food bloggers in the industry now. You can supplement your passion with a variety of courses available these days such as food photography or social media marketing. They will not only up your blogging game, but will give you an insight into the necessary details of getting started with an exclusive blog.

To make it as easy as pie, we got in touch with three popular food bloggers, who might be on your Instagram list as well! They share one common passion- food (of course) and have made sure they make their thousands of followers fall in love with food, every day. Here is what these food blogging mavens have to say about the art and how you can go about giving wings to your food blogging dream-

(Get ready to soak in some inspiration)

Kiran Bathija

The Hungry Cancerian – @thehungrycancerian

I started using Instagram back in 2013 for personal use, and later developed a keen interest in posting food pictures of dishes generally made by me.

The handle name back then was @the_mumbaigirl that gained a lot of popularity; and almost every person I knew had suggested that I start my own blog.

One fine day in 2015, after considering all factors and being made up my mind as to what I’ll be getting in to, I registered myself on with the URL:

One of the biggest milestones was to register a domain name for the blog. Secondly, it was the happiest moment for us when our Instagram page crossed 25,000+ followers.

We were also one of the Blogging partners for the Navi Mumbai Food Festival, which was a first ever food festival held in Navi Mumbai back in 2016.

The constant support, interaction, and compliments from your viewers are the biggest rewards that we receive on a regular basis.

Food blogging can be a full time job today. If you are looking out for something like this, make sure to be active on all social media platforms. Make sure to post your reviews on Google & TripAdvisor as well, as these platforms are trending nowadays and are much more reliable.

Most importantly, content really matters. Make it a point to get the best pictures clicked, wander around the restaurant for the perfect lighting, click in different angles – a  good picture makes up for good content any day! Also, your captions, tags, and every other detail matters.

Being more interactive with your viewers adds an advantage to your blog. Help people in every possible way, be it restaurant suggestions or anything else.

Always remember, your viewers/ followers are the ones who made you reach to the level at which you are.

Swarali Kulkarni

Mumbai Food Junkie- @mumbaifoodjunkie

Mumbai Food Junkie started back in 2015 out of sheer passion and love for food and photography.

Initially, after a lot of research & interaction with fellow bloggers, I understood the A, B, Cs of blogging. There are individuals in the industry who start blogging only to make fast-money. There is no passion involved in such cases. However, blogging can be the best career option. Once you strike the right chord, you can definitely earn a monthly income through your blog.

Mumbai Food Junkie has a unique audience that brands strive for! I plan all my brand collaborations in perfect synergy. I make sure that the brand gets the most through each collaboration! The best part is when the same brands come back to you for other campaigns. That sheer joy of knowing your efforts worked is incomparable!

There have been several milestones for my blog too, right from people trying to pull you down to the time when you are invited by the best restaurant in town, you realize success doesn’t come easy!

You just have to eliminate negativity and move on! Achieve your best no matter what! – This will be my number one pro tip to all the food blogging enthusiasts.

Apart from that, you must find your niche, do something hatke that makes your page or blog stand out. For Mumbai Food Junkie, I just don’t stop at fancy or fine-dine food! I go out and capture street food as well. I try to capture the very essence of local food that everybody can relate to.

food blogger

To all you budding bloggers, find your niche, meet many people and read a lot about content marketing & top digital marketing trends,

Overall, blogging is one field where you can follow your never-ending passion for food, travel, photography, or any field of expertise with no one telling you what’s right or wrong. You are your own boss and you are responsible for your own mistakes.

Vishakha Bhuta

1 Tea-Spoon Love- @1teaspoonlove

Food has always been a passion. I’ve been cooking since I was at school. If I did not study interior design, it would have been hotel management.

food blogger

As I lived in China for 7 years, I did not much know about food blogging. Nevertheless, I kept on cooking. I wanted to publish my recipe book. Just last year, I got good exposure to the industry and I started my recipe blog. It’s something I love doing. It gives me happiness.

I did have a few milestones. Initially being a full time mother and pursuing my passion together was a little difficult as I moved to India just last year. It was extremely difficult to take time out for it and manage my son alone, as his father is still traveling. Luckily got some help from my mom. She looked after him for sometime while I was out.

food blogger

Food blogging is an art. Food presentation is impossible without creativity and imagination. Once you achieve this, capturing gorgeous food images is quite easy. Your blog must reflect your personality and must drive the audience in and around your story.  You should decide what exactly you want to share with the audience. It can be a vegetarian blog, healthy eating, delicious cuisine of various restaurants and countries, etc – narrow down your choice.

Your blog must be visually appealing – a clean layout, legible fonts, large images, elegant, and uncluttered. Be precise, give correct recipes, and keep updating regularly.


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