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Sophia College for Women is one of the best women’s colleges in the country, rated 3.61 on a scale of 4 with an ‘A’ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Quite recently, Sophia College was declared first in rankings by the University of Mumbai. The college offers a variety of degree courses; BA, BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media), BSc, MSc, DCA (Diploma in Clinical Analysis), DLM (a postgraduate diploma in Laboratory Management), postgraduate diploma course in QA (Quality Assurance) in the Foods/ Pharmaceuticals Industry and an add on career-oriented certificate course in bio-informatics.    Sophia’s, founded in 1941, has a huge campus, the highlights of which are the basketball court and the canteen area. It includes various renowned departments such as the Arts Department in the main heritage block, the Sophia’s Centre for Women’s Studies and Development, the BMM department and the Geeta Israni Centre for Quality Assurance in the Sophia Andersson Annexe and the Bhabha Institute of Science. The college has its own Counselling Centre to help with any mental or emotional problems, be it your comfort level not matching with others or a more serious issue. Sophia’s is equipped with good infrastructural facilities; the psychology and science laboratories, the Suman and Ramesh Tulsiani Convention Centre, AV hall, etc, all add to the quality of education at Sophia’s, which is unmatched!
Faculty at Sophia’s is the best one can get. Some of the teachers, who are ex-Sophiates, are oft en seen cherishing their memories of Sophia’s. Renowned visiting faculty are one of the major plus points here at Sophia’s. Prodigies from various sectors impart practical knowledge to students. The enrichment programmes and guest lecturers are very frequent too.
Sophia’s is one of the best colleges in terms of quality education, faculty, campus, co-curricular activities and of course, the canteen too! But the best thing about Sophia’s is the set of values one inculcates while in college and the persistent search for wisdom which never ends. It makes you realise who you are and at every step you tend to become better. So at Sophia’s nothing matters but you (and of course, attendance and marks!) “Coming to Sophia’s is like coming home. There is a sense of calm acceptance that you don’t get anywhere else. I believe it has something to do with the fact that there are so many girls here from so many different backgrounds and cultures. To be here is to be in the middle of a symposium of great work, amazing creativity and a collection of opportunities,” says Sharanya Ramesh, Student Body President (2011-2012).    When June approaches, the women of Sophia set out on a new mission; the annual college festival, Kaleidoscope, which has been organised by students since 1985. It is generally a month of exuberance and vivacity. With a new task to be accomplished every year, the motto for the current academic year is ‘Education for Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Nature’, which Sophiates are all set to conquer.
One of the most famous college festivals in Mumbai, Kaleidoscope is single-handedly run by Sophia girls. In the college life, it marks the beginning of the academic year. It is a platform to unleash your creative horses and bring out the lunatic in you; who else but Sophiates could think of this? Managed and coordinated by the ‘Workforce’ (the Organising Committee), Kaleidoscope has something whacky every other year. All aspects ranging from creatives, events, technology and even security are well-managed by Sophiates. While Kaleidoscope is on, one can spot guys waiting to be frisked by the Security chicks and others flabbergasted at their wit. Well, beware! These girls work in the Den! Kaleidoscope work mostly happens in the Den, girls brainstorm together and ideas generated here are totally out of the box. The Den, a place dear to every single soul in Sophia, is singled out by its poor phone signals. What’s more, it’s the exclusive place on campus where one can use the phone (except the canteen)! But before you try making a call, watch out; your phone just conked off dude!
Exhilaration has no end at Sophia’s. So before Kaleidoscope ends, various Club activities begin. All Club Secretaries are generally heard saying, “Try your luck and come for the competition. You might get lucky. And yea, prizes are fabulous!” Around 12 clubs dwell in the large campus of Sophia’s, so opportunities never end! One aft er the other, Saphenia (the Wall Newspaper), EXAP, EXSP, Film Society and Model United Nations by the International Relations Club add a slight electric charge to the eff ervescent life at Sophia’s. Apart from Kaleidoscope, Sophia hosts another intercollegiate event- ‘Pratidhwani’- an initiative by the Bhartiya Sanskritik Parishad.

About Sophia’s campus – originally owned by The British East India Company, the property was later attained by the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1940 from the Maharaja of Bhavnagar. The property was owned by a lot of people before the college was established. The main heritage building of Sophia’s was a bungalow, which belonged to Sir Henry Somerset before 1882.

Placed on a small hillock in Bhulabhai Desai Road, South Mumbai, Sophia’s is easily accessible to many. Nearest station Grant Road has connectivity to the Western line. Theatres like Roxy, Eros aren’t really far and food joints on Breach Candy lane, nothing like it! And who would not want to go to places like Marine Drive and Amarsons Park?

SOPHIATES are mostly..

  • Bothered about attendance. (Arrey! I just hope I am not on the black-list this month too.)
  • Spotted in the canteen. (Teacher- You have an enrichment programmes I suppose, what are you doing here?)
  • Found in the Computer Centre (Oh shit! I need to get another copy printed…my project!)
  • Heard saying “Let’s go to AP’s (Anda Pav- a joint right outside college) yaar! Or how about UTBT (Under the Banyan Tree)?”
  • Spotted reading books in the library (Sophia’s library is one of the best. It is a paradise of knowledge, unearthed!)
  • Seen chilling with friends on marble steps.

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