Small Things You Can Do This Diwali For Smiles All Around

Photo Credits: BBC Good Food

Diwali is the time for celebration and it is the festival of giving. Every year, we come together with our families and celebrate this auspicious occasion, with a few days off from work and school, it’s a great time to relax with your close ones. This year perhaps you could take the opportunity to give back, and do small things that will bring smiles to people’s faces. It could be anything, giving back to your family, giving back to the workers around you, or even giving back to those in need. 

Donate clothes

Don’t hoard, give away! Every year we clean our houses which also involves cleaning out our closets. This Diwali, take those clothes out that you probably haven’t worn in over 6 months, and donate them to those in need. This will not only help you get rid of excess clothing, but will also bring smiles to the people who find them. 

Share sweets 

Sharing sweets with our friends and family, and anybody who comes to our homes is a tradition. What we can also do, is share sweets or give food to the people working during the festival time. Working staff in your building or workers in your area would be delighted to receive sweets or food. Another thing that you can do this Diwali is make small pouches of chocolates, sweets, crayons, small toys, or any other small gift items and keep them in your car. You could gift them to the boys at the petrol station, the kids who sell toys and balloons at traffic signals, or the people who collect your trash. 

Remember traditions 

Every Diwali, our mothers make sweets and savory items at home for the festival. Perhaps this year you could make something special for your family! You could learn to make a new dish, and if there is a traditional dish that is made every year during this time, you could learn that make it for your family. Remembering and carrying forward traditions is a very important part of Indian families and this is the best time to start and do it.

These are only a few of the many ways you could give back this Diwali. So, what will you be doing this year to bring smiles to the faces around you?


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