Sky View Cafe, Mumbai (For Two Person Rs. 1600)


BITES AND BOOZE: A veg restaurant in the middle of the cosmopolitan Parel comes as a surprise, but this Italian outlet with its dim lights and good spread looks interesting. Done up with eclectic paintings and wall hangings, the ambience was calm and the view was impressive. We started off with a range of appetizers, among which the Cream Cheese Broccoli soup stood out. Served in a cute latte bowl, this soup tasted better with each sip. Their mini-Mexican tostadas were a different take on our sev-puri’s. Their Mac n Cheese Pizza was absolutely fab and it left us licking our fingers. We would recommend you try their Risotto Contadina and Cajun Spice Pasta. The unforgettable Chocolate Mousse with kit-kat pieces embedded in between was a delight.
FAB OR DRAB: If you’re a vegetarian and you like the taste of zucchini, this place is highly recommended. Even if you don’t, there are so many variations of Indo- Italian food that will blow your mind away. Also, the service was hospitable and prompt

3rd floor, Trade View Building, Gate 4, Kamla Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai – Pearl Mathias


Volume 5 Issue 6


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