Setting Up A New Office? 5 Must Have Office Essentials

office essentials
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Setting up an office space requires careful planning. Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure you have access to everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. It sounds ludicrous, but if planned properly, it is not such a difficult task.

Setting up your first real office or moving to a larger space requires planning—not unlike moving into a new home. The difference is that you will need your business to remain productive during the transition.

On one hand, you’re unable to easily identify what office supplies and technology you’re going to be using every day, so you create a poor check-list of what you’ll need to get your office up and running. Or on the other hand, you take a clear look at the life of things and create a consolidated checklist,  listing each item and are quite overwhelmed by the fact that you are meeting everyone for your needs.

Office Desks

Which office desk you choose will largely depend on the layout of your office. With an open plan, simple rectangular tables that you can group will usually work best. In a pinch, folding tables can fill the look of a desk, giving you an inexpensive and flexible solution that you can rearrange into any layout. The downside of folding tables is that they don’t allow any room for storage, nor are they particularly stylish. For a little more money, you can buy glass, metal, or imitation wood tables, which usually include some storage options in their design. L-shaped tables, in particular, are great for setting up a commutable plan. Standing desks are another popular option for those who spend all day at the computer.


Decide what is best for your office space and technical needs and then choose between a desktop computer, a laptop, or perhaps a tablet. You should choose the right technology keeping in mind that it is scalable to accommodate later changes and improvements as your business requires changes, otherwise, you’ll have to keep spending every few years on better gadgets.

Consider purchasing an all-in-one printer and a wireless router to keep all your devices connected and to the Internet. You also need to check whether you need a dedicated landline phone or a single office telephone for all employees.

Enough Light

Office Setup – A bright, well-lit workspace is one of the best starts to a productive day. Much of our productivity depends on our mood and good lighting can have a huge impact on our mood. Not only do you get some good old vitamin D, but natural light will also keep you focused, which will have a positive effect on your concentration levels. Having a naturally lit home office setting will reduce eye strain which like most of us is an inevitable side effect of working on the computer for long hours. If you don’t have enough space or any other restrictions, consider investing in some good quality task lighting, which you’ll easily find online within several different price ranges to match your budget.

Storage Space

Most of us cannot afford to have a super spacious office setup, at least, not ones that can match the conventional corporate workstations. Shelving and filing systems are necessary for a business to make important documents accessible and retrievable. But, if you think you need more storage options for storing documents, spare office items, etc which don’t need to be used regularly, then consider an offsite long-term storage.

Buoyant shelves or cabinets are trending and if you have a good wall to go with your office setup- the possibilities are endless. Investing in some gleaming, functional shelves will not only help bestrew your office space but also your mental space.


Last but not the least, it’s time to provide your office with all the stationery you need. Don’t forget to pay attention to what you order, quantity, and how long it lasts so you can start reordering efficiently. Many online stationery suppliers now offer this type of service, so you can save your past orders and send reminders when you’re running low. Don’t forget to keep it consistent with your brand name, logo, colors, and contact details in the same style and condition. Even so, you’ll need a place to store office supplies such as pens and copy paper, as well as product brochures and marketing swag.

Final Words

Few office supplies are of such a high priority and necessity that they are used by everyone from business salespeople, accountants to plumbers. This list includes almost all the key elements for home office needs. If your needs are constantly changing, keep this point in your mind and focus on other items.


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