Self-lacing sneakers are now a thing

Self-lacing sneakers are now a thing

No longer do you have to worry about loose laces or too tight sneakers while you’re doing your regular sprints. Nike has got it covered for you.

Recently, Nike unveiled its first power-lacing sneakers – they allow users to loosen or tighten the fit by pressing buttons on the side of the shoe.

The world’s largest sportswear brand unveiled the sneaker along with a host of other innovations like the “anti-clog traction,” which basically uses technology to prevent mud from sticking to the football shoe soles.

Along with these, Nike also revealed a new Nike Plus app, an all-access pass for athletes. The app will help connect their plethora of apps, which include running and training aides and provide access to Nike experts.

Nike believes that the market for shoes with adaptive lacing is huge as it provides tailored-to-the-moment custom fit, which definitely has great potential.

The shoe is designed in such a way that the users will step on a sensor at the heel as they step into  the shoe. The users can then press the two buttons on the side to adjust the grip. However, this won’t be the final prototype of the power-lacing sneaker. Nike believes that in the future, the grip will also be automated, as the sensor will be able to sense when the user requires the grip of the shoe to be tighter or looser.

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, as this power-lacing miracle is called, will be out at the start of the holiday season and will only be available for its loyalty Nike+ app members. It will be available in three colours, but the price has not been revealed yet.

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