Search Engines Other And Better Than Google That You Must Try Out

Search Engines
Image Credits: Proth Search Software

Today, finding answers to all the questions has become easier than ever. With just one hit on the enter button, we can have all the answers to our question, thanks to the internet enabled search engines. 

Search engines are practically answering machines. You type in a question and they browse the entire internet and help you find what you’re looking for. They provide quick answers and help save time. While Google is the largest and most used search engine globally, here are some search engines that you probably didn’t know about and must try out. 

Ecosia is a search engine with a unique tree-planting feature. For about every 45 searches you make, they will plant one tree. All profits and revenue generated by ads also go into planting trees. Best of all: this search engine is free! You should consider making a switch as it is definitely better for the environment. 

Kiddle’s primary focus is children. This search engine is powered by Google. It is like an online encyclopedia that limits material that might be considered mature. The pages and sites are specifically selected keeping in mind their designated audience; children. It emphasizes the safety of young children. 

On the other hand, Wacko Search is a fun search engine. However, it will give you results unrelated to whatever you need on purpose. The pages that show up will most probably be funny and bizarre and will surely make you laugh. 

Dogpile is an extremely fast search engine that will browse multiple search engines at one time. On the homescreen you will see their cute mascot, Arfie. In 2007 they raised money for animals in need. Arfie is also involved in organizations set up for animal welfare. This search engine is great if you need to do research on a particular topic and require information from various sources. is a search engine that specifically caters to recipes. You could type in an ingredient or a recipe and get handpicked results for the same. Fizy is a great search engine for finding music and streaming it! 

Lastly, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that values the privacy of its users. It compiles searches and presents them to the user in one go and does not retain any information.  It also displays answers relevant to your search on top of the page to make browsing easier. 

And these search engines have barely scratched the surface. There are many more that specifically cater to certain needs. The main job of search engines is to filter through irrelevant data and present to you what you are looking for. Trying another search engine and finding one that you are comfortable with will make your usage of the internet an easier task. 


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