Scuba Diving Now Part of Goa University Course


Students part of the Marine Biotechnology course at Goa University are all set to receive hands-on training in scuba diving. Water babies now have more than one reason to choose the accredited university for its endeavours at making the course worth the experience.

The scuba diving course includes deep sea swimming, diving and exploring the undersea beauty of Goa’s many islands. This 2 year old course that was introduced as part of the Marine Biotechnology programme, allows a student to earn 2 credits or 50 marks in the course.

Goa University doesn’t limit the course to students of the Marine Biotechnology department only, but offers it to other life science divisions as well.

Savita Kerker, the associate professor of the biotechnology department states that students from the University who undertake the course will have an added edge when conducting research as they will not have to depend on hired divers when in need for underwater samples.


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