Sancho's Restaurante and Cantina, Mumbai – Rs. 700 per person



On a slow Mumbai night, when you are in the mood for some Tex Mex, this is as close as it can get. A kind of covered courtyard with ‘chilled out’ couch seating and tables just about as distant as you’d like from each other. Soft lights from lamps over the ceiling and some music to go with, and you’re set. With cocktails to die for, the restaurant is almost always packed with foodies who enjoy their Margaritas and Fajitas alike. A must try are the Fiesta Nachos, to be shared by the table, just like nachos are intended to be. They have a wide variety, whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover. So, you also have your choice of tacos and enchiladas along with a range of specials from the chef including Veracruz Fish and Habanero Tequila Jumbo Prawns. And finally, place has some of the best churros I’ve had in Mumbai. Pinnacle House, Plot No 604, PD Hinduja Road, 15 Road, Khar West, Mumbai


Volume 1 Issue 5


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