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Ammar Dhilla, 27, IT Professional
Society says that for a man and woman to live together, they need to tie the bond by a religious ceremony or an approved piece of paper which states they are allowed to live together. This leads us to believe that for these two individuals to live together, prior approval is required. In a way, this challenges our freedom! I believe that when two mature adults decide to live together, they are doing no harm and there is no reason for this to be considered an evil in society. These individuals are actually more aware of their actions and living together helps them decide on their future with their partner. A live-in relationship in a metropolitan city is quite common; however India is far from accepting the concept nationwide.


Mirali Bhuva, 20, Product Executive
I feel live-in relationships work really well as one gets to be with their partner and enjoy the best of times together before tying the knot. It also lets them understand each other’s way of being. Living life closely, one gets to learn about and get used to all their partner’s annoying habits as well! Live-in relationships allow one to live in his/ her way, and yet figure out a comfort level with one’s partner. I think everyone should follow this great concept!





Mohammed Kanchwala, 22, Biotechnologist
For me, a live-in relationship would be the next level of relationship I would like to reach with my beloved one. After initial stages of liking each other, dating each other, sleeping with each other, a live-in relationship would be a stage where we would test ourselves and know whether we are comfortable to live with each other. When you live with a person, you come to know the intrinsic details of the person which can’t be known just by dating. A live-in relationship would be an opportunity for me to explore such new dimensions. Well, this is one way to approach your love life: LIKE>DATE>LOVE>LIVE. I prefer this approach, though some people may prefer otherwise.




Harshada Rege, 31, Media Professional
A live-in relationship is not my cup of tea. There are certain things that need to be factored in. Family, especially parents, are extremely important and they might be adversely affected by the decision of their children living in with someone.







Shoaib Electricwala, 22, Student
Many people imagine that living together resembles taking a car for test drive. The trial period is a chance to discover compatibility. This analogy seems to be so compelling that people are unable to interpret anything to the contrary.






Husain Netarwala, 23, Chef
According to me, a live-in relationship is a compromise when a man wants to be single and enjoy all aspects in the relationship before the later stage when the girl starts behaving like a wife and messes up the man’s happiness. Why share the same house when you can’t share the same feelings for a longer time? Love is unconditional, but a live-in relationship, I feel, is mostly about sex, and 80 per cent of the time it is unsuccessful, since your space is all gone. Better stay single or get married, but don’t stay on a thin line.




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