Tselha-Anze (Our Grandma's Recipe), Bangalore – Rs. 300-400 per person


A family-run, traditional Tibetan restaurant where the owners prepare their grandmother’s recipes is my new favourite Tibetan place in Bangalore. Located near St Joseph’s College, this place is usually buzzing with college students. True to the Tibetan culture, the owners and staff are very friendly, helpful and serve the food quickly. A quirky trait is that you place your order by writing it down in the chit pad placed on your table and pass it to the waiter. They brag about their momos, and quite rightly so. Priced between Rs. 50– Rs. 70, the eight-piece portion is quite a steal. Try out the Tibetan Thali to get a taste of various preparations. Also sample their Thukpa and Gyanthuk. They also serve steamed bread called Ting Momo, an extremely tasty and healthy meal. Enjoy all these Tibetan delicacies with all the home-cooked delight of grandma’s recipes! 1, Cornwell Road, Langford Town, Bangalore


Volume 1 Issue 5


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