Regatta 2022 | The Legacy Of 94 Years Is Back Offline

Regatta 2022

College of Engineering Pune, founded in 1854, is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes in Asia. It has been a prestigious tradition in COEP (college of engineering Pune) since 1928, showcasing more than 165 unique boats every year. COEP is fortunate to be situated along the banks of the Mula river and holds extreme pride in being one of the few colleges in the world to have its own Boat Club. It scales new heights of innovation, skills, and expertise in multiple events. COEP boat club’s Regatta has recorded the longest-running college fest in Limca Book of Records.

REGATTA means “BOAT RACING.” It is the magnificent outcome of devotion, rigorous practice, intense determination, and discerning minds. The COEP Regatta has mainly five shows Arrow Formation, Kayak Ballet, Shell Games, Tele-Matches, Punt Formation. These events exhibit the unique and rare boats that exist in India. The COEP Regatta is a breath-taking event that exhibits the perseverance and talent of the students who practice day night to give a unique experience to over 10,000 spectators with their signature boats.

Despite many obstacles, including the Covid 19 pandemic, the COEP students worked hard without losing hope and succeeded in their 93rd Regatta with the theme of “Resilience Together.”

This year too, it wasn’t easy due to the third wave and the Lockdown. There was little time to practice when the colleges reopened after the third wave. And the most important thing of this event is “practice.” However, the COEP students ignited their hearts, vowed courage, and worked hard to plan the Regatta correctly. This is why the 94th Regatta has the theme “Vows of Valiance.”

The legacy of 94 years is back offline. COEP students make possible the offline event for this year. The COEP regatta will take place on April 3, 2022 after a gap of 756 days later.

Regatta 2022


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