Shilpi goes from drab to fab


 ( HAIR )
Shilpi’s dry, long hair does not go with her oval face and slim built. Add to that an oily scalp and you get flat and unruly hair. Youth Inc decided to change her look!

Her hair was cut in a layered style so as to give volume, especially on the top.

She needed a livelier look, and colouring her hair in flashes of magenta did just that. The colour gave her a bubblier look and added spunk.

To give more texture, her hair was styled using a hair product. Then with a blow dryer, it was swept to one side to give a look of chic sophistication.

Valley styled her hair to frame it around her face. Blow drying gave the appearance of more volume, while colour flashes succeeded in giving a funky look.


  • Shilpi has a dusky complexion so bright colours were avoided.
  • Make-up began with basic gel cleaning and moisturisation. To even out her skin tone, basic foundation and compact powder was used.
  • Next, pink and purple eye shadow and eyeliner was applied for a more natural look.
  • Eyelashes were curled and mascara applied so that her eyes looked fuller.
  • The finishing touch was a little bit of blush and pink lipstick. The make-up was keptnatural to compliment her skin.

Volume 1 Issue 2


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