PUBG: An Addiction As Harmful As Drugs

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PUBG the god of all digital video games has engulfed not just the teens, but also the kids and adults alike. Majority of the population is well aware about this game due to the kind of attention it has attracted. Just a few days back, the news of two men dying while playing PUBG made the rounds in media, which left us all puzzled and shocked. A game having such deadly impact is thus seeing the face of ban, arrests and time restrictions.

Recently, the PUBG fans in India were deeply disappointed due to health reminder pop-ups that disrupted the players in the middle of the game. Since many players experienced this disturbance, it is said that PUBG Mobile India is on its way to limiting the amount of time one spends on the game to 6 hours, exceeding which, the game will ask you to return back the next day. Those below the age of 18 will receive a notification after two/four hours before they touch the six-hour limit.

Image Credits: The Quint

Those disappointed, took to Twitter to reach out to the company, as a step to get the issue resolved. PUBG Mobile responded to these tweets by assuring the users that its development team would look into the matter and resolve it shortly. 

India in the recent past has been witnessing unpleasant incidents revolving around the game. Some losing lives, some taking lives, some being rushed to the hospitals, while some losing their mental balance. Acting on this, sources state that PUBG Mobile India is planning to fix a time limit of 6 hours. The team however, hasn’t confirmed any such news. Instead, it tweeted saying that the issue faced by many was due to a bug, which has been fixed. 

On finding this out, PUBG addicts breathed a sigh of relief. As of now, the players can continue playing their game for as long as they want. However, the ban imposed on the game in the state of Gujarat might influence other states too, to do the same. Maharashtra has been rumored to be the next on the list. 

With negative news related to PUBG hitting the media every single day, its time the authorities take the right measures to curb the dangers this virtual video game is causing. 


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