Pokémon Go wins USA man a free world tour

Pokemon Go

Ever since Pokémon Go was launched, it has been surrounded with some extraordinary events. Did you ever imagine that one would get to travel the world just to catch Pokémon? Well, a lucky man from Brooklyn, USA, Nick Johnson, was the first person to catch all 142 known Pokémon in America, and is now getting a free trip across the globe to complete his collection. The original video game that Pokémon Go is based on has a total of 151 monsters. Out of these, 142 can be caught in the USA and Johnson has caught all of them on his Pokedex – the feature that registers all the Pokémon that you have caught. 6 of them are currently unaccounted for, while the remaining 3 can be caught in different parts of the world.

Nick, accompanied by his girlfriend will be travelling the world in search of these 3 remaining monsters. The trip is being sponsored by Expedia and Marriott Rewards. They will first fly to Paris to catch Mr. Mime after which they will move to Hong Kong in search of Farfetch’d. A day after that, they will take off to Sydney to catch Australia’s Kangaskhan. After catching all the monsters, they plan to head to Tokyo for a victory celebration.

Interacting with Business Insider, Nick Johnson said, “I will be scouring Reddit on my flight over and have a battle plan by the time I get there. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Basically.”

While Expedia will be looking after his travel and flights, Marriott will take care of the accommodation in each city. Johnson will have his stay in some really plush hotels such as The Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe, the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View, Pier One Sydney Harbour and the Tokyo Marriott Hotel.

Johnson says that he won’t be using Pokémon Go mapping apps to help him find each remaining creature. He’ll instead rely on each city’s Pokémon Go player community. To keep everyone updated, Johnson will be writing his experiences in each city for Expedia’s Viewfinder blog about the Pokémon collection journey, while he will also be posting the updates on Twitter and Snapchat.


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