Our Nation Is Undergoing A Form Of Unity Named, Quarantine!

Image Credits: Correio Do Povo

Before the outbreak of the Pandemic, our nation was witnessing one of the most daunting situations and unrest. We have seen the nation split into two parts over the past few months. One half was that of the supporters of the CAA, NRC, and NPR and the other half was the one protesting against it.
The widespread protests were one of the most remarkable moments ever, since the emergence of Independent India. You may support it or not, but there was a total heat from the end of the previous year to as recent as early March days.

Nevertheless, who knew that over a span of weeks the nation would experience the days it is experiencing now? The day when people, irrespective of any kind of barriers, held hands together; be it the Prime Minister himself or the common farmer. Everyone today has held the hands of humanity and taken it upon themselves to put up a strong fight against an invisible enemy; the coronavirus.

People belonging to various walks of life have come together, placed their individual interests aside and have chosen fighting the virus as their primary duty. These people who have joined hands belong to different religious groups, hold different political opinions, have diverse ideologies, belong to different sections of the society, and yet somehow have one common aim of protecting their country from the virus. 

To support and help the needy, the people of this nation have once again proved that, come what may, they will not be selfish & self-centred, instead, help the needy, feed the poor, and take necessary care of the sick when required, and serve the mankind with care, love, and humanity.  

This will be an exemplary experience and will ignite the fire of unity for generations to come. Those will support the slogan ” HUM SAB EK HAI”. We have seen people speaking the same language, the language of peace, humanity, and safety in these challenging times. People have really come together be it in a political arena or a common family.

This era of lockdown will definitely inculcate this feeling of oneness in many directions. I have seen the busy life of metropolitan cities where your day & duties begin before the day, by the time you end up nothing more of you or your energy remains to engage in family time/self-development.

However, this quarantine period will also help up reconnect, unite and spend the much needed time with our family as well. So I choose to call this period the ‘Quarantine Unity’. 


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