Off-beat Career Options Law Graduates Can Opt For

Law Graduates
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Studying law in India has been as reputable as studying science since the very beginning. Today, more and more students are willing to study law as it does not just guarantee a strong income but also ensures one’s constant upliftment at a personal level too. Besides, a degree in law is one that will stay relevant at all times. In a world which is advancing rapidly, law plays a crucial role in ensuring the world advances in the right way. Such times are a golden opportunity for law graduates to pursue offbeat careers which do not require them to act as lawyers. 

If you are a fresh law graduate looking for an off-beat career that puts your degree to the correct use, you have arrived at the right place. Here are some of the popular and in-demand offbeat careers law graduates can opt for

Legal Journalism 

To be able to report on news stories that involve or are based heavily on court proceedings or police cases, having sound knowledge of the law is of utmost importance. A law graduate can choose this career option as it will enable them to not just put their degree to the right use but also the satisfaction of taking up a career as new, interesting and insightful as legal journalism. The main job of a legal journalist is to cover cases that involve complex law-related facts and present the same to the audience in a much simpler and comprehensible way. 


Law graduates who are extremely confident about their learnings and understanding of the law can choose to impart the teachings they learnt to other students. In addition to this, if you feel you are someone who is good at explaining, making people understand complex concepts with ease, or good at helping people learn better, you can choose to become a professor. To be able to work as a designated teacher, law graduates will have to appear for the UGC NAT (a test to qualify Indian nationals as ‘ Assistant Professors’ in Indian universities and colleges.)

Civil Services 

Civil Service Examinations in our country are one of the most competitive examinations ever conducted. Since law graduates are well-versed in Indian laws and the CSE includes law in its syllabus, it works to the benefit of the law graduates to prepare and appear for civil service examinations and qualify for various available posts.


If you do not wish to work as a lawyer but wish to take up a career that keeps you in court, this one is the best choice for you. Fresh law graduates can become judiciary officers by clearing the state’s Judicial Services Examination. After clearing the examination, one is posted as a judge. 

Company Law 

This one career option is gaining immense popularity among law graduates. Under this corporate field, law graduates work for companies either in practice or employment. This involves working for an individual in corporate compliance, contract creation, negotiating, and other day-to-day legal operations of the organisation. 


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