#OddEven rule implemented in Delhi



Under the leadership of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Transport Minister Gopal Rai has put forth the maximum emphasis on the smooth functioning of #OddEven scheme starting from Monday 18 April as it is the first working day of the week. The reopening of School, Colleges, corporate and other institutions have made the rush to its peak.

The government on Sunday said it has doubled its preparations for the first working day of phase II of the odd-even scheme. Few auto-rickshaw trade unions threatened to call it a strike on Monday, but with the support of the Lieutenant Governor, the auto-rickshaw strike in Delhi was called off.

Public transport systems operated by Delhi Transport Corporation DTC have been pushed into full service to provide the hassle free functioning of the Odd-even scheme. In the past, only 500 of the 600 private carriages under the Paryavaran Bus Sewa were on the road, but with the commencement of phase II this issue has been taking care and all the 600 private carriages under the Paryavaran Bus Sewa are ready to kick on the road.

Metro will increase trips by 56 to 3,248 a day for the duration of the odd-even scheme. Two hundred trains will be pressed into service every day. For the convenience of commuters, 80 more operators would be deployed at ticket counters in Metro stations.

It is being advised by the transport minister to the car owners to avail the car-pooling feature in the “PoochO app” launched by the government.

#OddEven Vital Facts and Figures

Statistics of Vehicles

  • 4,000-strong bus fleet to be in operation,
  • 100 reserve buses also on call
  • 600 private carriages under the Paryavaran Bus Sewa
  • 3,348 trips a day by Metro
  • 200 Trains everyday


  • 2000 fine charges and applicable between 8AM to 8 PM, except on Sundays.
  • 2300 Challans issued in 2 days in the second phase.
  • 479 Challans issued in 15 days in the first phase.


  • Women Drivers
  • Two Wheelers
  • CNG vehicles
  • Certain VIPS
  • Ambulance,
  • Fire Brigades,
  • Public Transport vehicles, and police are exempted.

Support Team

  • 2000 Traffic police personnel
  • 400 Ex-service men
  • 5000 Volunteers


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