News Flash (19th August 2020): Top 10 Stories Of The Day

Image Credits: NewsMeter

1. SC request ICSE to pardon failed students of Class 9 

The Supreme Court of India has urged Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Board to pardon this once the students who have failed their ICSE exams of 9th and 11th. CBSE on May 13th took a retest for students who couldn’t clear the exam of 9 and 11. The same chance should be provided for ICSE students as well. 

2. NASA tracking found a ‘dent’ in Earth’s magnetic field

Earth Magnetic Field, NASA, dent in magnetic field
Image Credits: Silicon Republic

A weak spot of the magnetic field was detected near South America and the Atlantic ocean. This weak spot is referred to as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). Researchers at NASA have tracked the ‘dent’ in the magnetic field and have said it will affect future satellite missions. 

3. Class 12 girls who received 1st position to be gifted scooters: Assam

Asaam, ICSE
Image Credits: TNT

All girl students who scored first division in class 12 exam will receive a scooty. 22,000 girls who got flying colours in  Assam Higher Secondary Education Council Class 12 Board exams will receive scooters under the ‘Pragyan Bharti’ scheme. The government has also made a reservation of 25% seats in government colleges

4. CCP insider claims Xi created stress with India to take divert Chinese public attention

India, China, Xi
Image Credits: NewsTube

Cai Xia, a former professor at Central Party School, said President Xi Jinping was “thinking of ways to divert the attention of the Chinese public”. The border class between India and China was fueled to divert the Cinese public’s mind from economic and social tensions, Cai added. The expelled Chinese Communist Party inside said Xi did it to validate his political position.

5. After 130 yrs, 2400-yrs-old Mummy unboxed to be saved from drowning

2400 year old mummy, icse
Image Credits: DailyHunt

With heavy rains in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur, the Albert Hall Museum had to undertake some changes. After 130 years the 2,400-year-old Egyptian mummy was removed from its casing to protect it from damage. The Archaeological Department’s head office too was bothered by rain and it lost many of its stationary and computers to rain.

6. PU students agitate against paying for lab and library amidst lockdown

Pondicherry University, icse
Image Credits: The Quint

The students at the Pondicherry University have raised their voice against the fess. In spite of the lockdown and the restrictions on coming to college, the students are asked for full fees. This includes funds for the library, computer lab, sports fund and many other things. The Student Council has said that the current fee is insensitive

7. Think-tank clams a loss of 1.9 crore salarized Indians since April

Indian salaried job, unemployement
Image Credits: The Hindu

Since April a loss of jobs worth 1.9 crore salarized employees was calculated. The data comes from a privately funded organization named Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). The think-tank also added that once a good salary job is lost it gets tedious to get a new one. All the more difficult with the current economic situations.

8. NASSCOM proclaims an increase of $450-500 bn to Indian economy with Data & AI

Image Credits: Twitter

NASSCOM, an IT body, reported that data and artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute up to $450-500 billion to India’s GDP by the year 2025. It would also help revive the COVID stricken economy to revive and improve. They provide a roadmap that will open 50% of the said value.

9. Swara Bhaskar question’s people who don’t believe Sushant Singh could be depressed.

Swara Bhaskar, Sushant Singh Rajput
Image Credits: News Rush

With a rise in Media houses creating theories on Sushant Singh’s death, actress Swara Bhaskar said, why it was so hard for everyone to believe that he may have been depressed. The actress had spotted an article which said that Sushant didn’t look depressed. To which the actress replied, “How can someone ‘look’ it?”

10. Tiny elephant shrew species rediscovered in Africa after 50 years

Tiny elephant shrew
Image Credits: LADbible

After 50 years a “mouse-sized” elephant shrew species was rediscovered in Djibouti, a country on the Horn of Africa. The species was not documented scientifically for half a decade before the recent appearance. It mates for life, can run at a speed of 30 kmph and has a trunk-like-nose to feed on ants. 


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