New Prefix Emerges For Teachers On Teachers’ Day: What Is It?


With the aim of elevating the status of school teachers, educators in India are seeking recognition through the prefix ‘Tr’ on Teachers’ Day. With prefixes like ‘Dr’ for doctors and ‘CA’ for chartered accountants who have long-defined professional identities, the people who build the foundation of education, teachers, will now be addressed with the prefix ‘Tr’.

Several state governments are contemplating the inclusion of this prefix on the felicitation certificates presented to educators during Teachers’ Day celebrations, which aim to acknowledge and recognise the role of teachers.

Devish Gala, CEO of Navneet Education, has taken a proactive step and is leading the way by incorporating the ‘Tr’ prefix on visiting cards and personalized stationery kits designed for government school teachers. This novel idea has not only gained local traction but has also piqued the interest of schools in the UAE and Israel. The ultimate objective is clear: to garner more respect and admiration for the teaching community.

Even though teachers set the foundation for education amongst students, their efforts often go unappreciated and they don’t receive enough recognition and acknowledgement for their work. This also brings out the stark contrast between the recognition of university professors with titles and school teachers, who go unnoticed. This significant development not only helps with societal recognition but also provides a morale boost for the teachers who put in the hard work every day. 

Although it seems like a small change to add the prefix ‘Tr’, it is sure to lead to a big shift in how we, as a society, perceive and honour our teachers and educators. This move is a testament to the countless hours teachers put into making sure their students get the right education. It is also a reminder that a name can carry a profound significance to one’s profession.


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