The Need Of Ethical Leadership To Spearhead Organisation Towards Progress

ethical leadership
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More than leadership, ethical leadership is what will spearhead an organisation into the future with its progressive policies.

Organisations and institutions have diffused the idea of  leadership and its  necessity in their functioning. The need for leadership comes about when the  need to channelise different ideas, ways and styles towards one goal arises. People with skill sets and a vision to contribute towards the betterment of a cause or the growth of an idea are put under leaders, because they need  direction. Traditionally, direction adds up to the profits and production. But this theory is now edging towards extinction. More theorists are now emphasising on the vitality of moral and ethical conduct. Hence, good leadership refers not just to fulfilling goals but also to the ethics and values involved in leading people.

In an organisation, ethical leadership is essential; leaders must Plans being made at AIESEC BRIC Conference, India make decisions that will not only benefit them, but also the other people in the organisation. Putting our feet on the office table, attending personal phone calls at work, making up white  lies for delays – all these fall under  the ‘unethical’ label. Organisations do create an ethical code of conduct and document it for future references, but ethical behaviour is more personal than organisational.

An ethic is the body of moral principles or values governing a particular culture. The people that exhibit it define that culture. Ethical behaviour mirrors a system of strong values that have been given birth to by justice and equity. It encompasses the needs and rights of others as well as oneself. It encourages a sense of obligation towards responsibility, the organisation, personal beliefs and personal conduct. We at AIESEC believe in the power of ethical leadership and enforcing it, despite the fact that we are youth and youth-run. To us, this is a huge part of growing up and hence age is no limitation. In fact, inculcating this while we are young ensures we can practice it when we are older.

From electing our entity Presidents to adhering to opportunity timelines, we are constantly trying to stick to a code of conduct. Members sometimes tend to go astray but in an environment like ours, they fall right back on track. The beauty of AIESEC as an organisation lies here, where there is always room for correction, improvement and growth.

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