Tourist Places To Visit When You Travel To Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi is the capital and also the second most populated city (the first is Dubai) of the United Arab Emirates. The city is also the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as well. According to a report of the year 2021, the urban areas of Abu Dhabi have a net population of 1.5 million people out of 2.9 million in the entire Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The headquarter of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is within the city, the city was also the 5th largest sovereign wealth fund till 2021. The country is the epicentre of industry, culture, commerce centre and politics as well. 

But Abu Dhabi is also considered the world’s best and the most famous place for tourism. Every year, over lakhs of people, visit Dubai either for tourism purposes or for work purposes too. As the country is visited by so many people from all parts of the world, there are several flight companies that give services every day. But all people do something new, something luxurious in their air journey also. For all these, Etihad booking is quite vital. Etihad airlines will give all the amenities, luxuries, features that a person or family needs and also at affordable rates as well. 

As Abu Dhabi is quite a renowned place for tourism, the government is also constructing many new man-made islands, nature parks to entertain their visitors. Within the country, it is very hard for a person to cover up all the things and the following list will help to inform you  about the must-watch places according to us.  

Places To Visit That You Should Not Miss

1. Emirates Zoo: In this Emirates Zoo in Abu Dhabi, you will encounter several types of wildlife species. A total of 1,700 animals are there in this zoo which includes white tiger, cheetah, Siberian Bear, lion and many more. Inside the premises, you can stay for a long time because it has luxurious resorts within it. You can take part in some interesting activities as well like crocodile feeding, breakfast with parrot and many more. 

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2. Mangrove National Park: The Mangrove National Park is the most famous tourist place in Abu Dhabi spread over a large area and establishing biodiversity. This park is mainly visited by wildlife photographers, bird watchers and families to have a relaxing time from their normal chaotic life of every day. But it opens every day for only 2 hours, 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM. 

3. Falcon Hospital: The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the biggest avian veterinary hospital and also one of the prime places to visit for tourists. Here you can spend your time observing the treatments that Falcons are getting and also you can learn about the history and many other things about birds. 

4. Sir Bani Yas Island: When you are discussing tourist spots in Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas Island should be at the top of your list. Spread over 170 km southwest of the city, anyone can reach there easily by car. It is among the largest natural islands and once it was the home of the largest wildlife reserve. Here on this island, you can see different types of trees with various large animals and birds. Many adventure activities are also there to enjoy. 

5. Al Wathba Wetland Reserve: This Wetland was established by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and also was the first area in the Emirates that was protected by the law and also it was declared as Ramsar Site in 2013. This place is famous for greater flamingos and also for other different 4,000 types of living creatures, especially during the autumn and spring seasons. Here you will find almost 250 different species of birds and 37 different types of plants. It is a very good place for spending some relaxing time with some cool breeze. 

6. Jubail Mangrove Park: It is a park which is perfect for people who love nature and also for educational purposes as well. In this Jubail Mangrove park, you can find a wide range of marine and avian species that are native to Abu Dhabi and of course, the widespread Mangrove forest is the main attraction point. It should be a must-visit place for you if you live in nature and animals. 

Abu Dhabi
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Apart from these, there are plenty of things that you can enjoy on your Abu Dhabi trip but this list will definitely help you in arranging what to see first and how.  


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