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Everyone is trying to something different these days, to stand out and get noticed. These few musicians went a step too far in that direction; so far that they almost left the category of ‘music’ and landed in ‘noise’.

So if you are bored of your usual Uber cool playlist or want to feel a little trippy, you need to listen to these.

Eye to Eye – Taher Shah

Waist length curls, white coat, white pants, and even whiter shoes, is what makes Taher Shah so very different; his self portraits in the backdrop only adding to it. If this video isn’t the best and the single most ridiculous thing ever, Ranveer Singh’s Dubsmash tribute only makes it better.
sensational eyes, emotional eyes, colourful eyes, exciting eyes, fabulous eyes, spectrum eyes, human eyes, my eyes, your eyes…”

Chicken Fried Rice – Baba Sehgal

No, no restaurant or food chain has paid him any kind of money to market their chicken fried rice. It is all him, professing his love and rapping on like there’s no tomorrow.
“I’m not telling lies, main hoon banda very nice
Frank-kaly main toh bolu jo pasand hai, pasand only chicken fried rice.”

Main Tera Boyfriend, Tu Meri Girlfriend – J Star

The song if played enough times (on repeat for three days) can be called ‘catchy’ until you watch the video with hilarious tuition teacher dialogues, too funny to be true hairstyles, costume changes and dance (hand) movements.
“Main tera boyfriend, Tu meri girlfriend
O maenu kendi na na na”

Stupid H** – Nicky Minaj

Yes, China did buy the rights to this song to play it on repeat in their torture chambers. Along with the beautiful creature that is Nicky Minaj, the lyrics and auto tune effects make your mind twirl, swirl better than it did when you had those ‘funny’ brownies at the new years’ party.
Yeah they know what this is, giving this the businesss
‘Cause I pull up and I’m stuntin’ but I ain’t a stuntman”

Wonton Soup – Lil B

This song, no, this ‘collection of words which make no sense at all’ is, in fact therapeutic, as makes you feel happy that you are anything but that guy, it even makes your dog feel happy that it’s anything but that guy.
“B***hes suck my d**k because I look like JK Rowling”


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