Mumbai Students Campaign Against Eve Teasing


A group of BMM students from Wilson College have started a campaign called ‘Chappal Maarungi’. The campaign aims to encourage women to beat down harassment; hence, the metaphorical use of the slipper as the symbol of the movement. In order to promote the campaign, the group has placed boxes full of slippers and cut-outs of slippers around the premises of the college. The campaign is the brainchild of five BMM students studying at Wilson College. As per the latest count, over six hundred people have expressed their willingness to spread awareness on eve teasing and molesting on the campaign’s Facebook page.

IIM-Shillong Announces New Postgraduate Business Programme
IIM-Shillong has joined hands with the WB National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS) to offer a Postgraduate Executive Diploma in Business Management and Law (PGexDBL). The aim of this programme is to assist students in earning themselves a professional qualification in Business Management and Law with an in-depth understanding of the subject. The programme also aims to help participants understand the latest developments and practices in the industry. The 15-month programme is scheduled to commence later this year.

Ed Serve to offer educational content apps on Nokia smart phones
EdServe, a mobile-based education service company, has joined hands with Nokia to provide educational content in the form of apps on a number of Nokia smart phones. Under this initiative, EdServe’s HumThum apps will now be available via the hugely popular Nokia Ovi Apps Store. The various HumThum apps offer educational content including tuition, academics, skill development and test preparation services, which will be of great help to students. The company’s educational website also offers test preparation programmes for IITJEE, AIEEE, OLYMPAID, NTSE, as well as engineering exam preparatory tests. This too will be offered in the form of apps on the Nokia Ovi Apps Store. Students will now be able to learn as well as access career opportunities via their Nokia smart phones anytime, wherever they may be. One of the apps is a ‘Talking Dictionary’ that not only offers the meaning of any English word but also an audible pronunciation. Yet another app allows users to design, host and update their personal or business website from their phone. In the future, EdServe also plans to offer its educational content on other smart phones. Interestingly, EdServe offers mobile-based educational content right from the Kindergarten to the postgraduate level. Looks like students will now be able to study from just about anywhere!

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