Mind-boggling Bizarre Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

bizzare sports
Image Credits: BBC

The world is filled with crazy and weird people. With a bunch of normal and known sports, there are a few bizarre and uncanny ones which we are unaware of. They are unique and unconventional from all of the other sports and the rewards for some are sure to shock you all. All of these sports will make you say “I don’t believe it”

Belly Flopping

bizzare sports
Image Credits: Sports Illustrated

When you start to learn swimming the first lesson you get is not to splash into the water on your stomach or your back because it can cause some serious injuries. But, in Belly Flopping your belly is what touches the water. In this bizarre sport, you dive into the water on your stomach. It is very popular in parts of Europe and has been going on like an old tradition.


bizzare sports
Image Credits: YouTube

We all love cheese but risking your life behind a block of it is pure craziness. Cheese rolling is an annual event that takes place at Cooper Hills in England. A 3-5 kilograms round block of cheese is sent down from the top of the hill and the competitors start racing after it, down the hill. The first person to cross the line at the bottom of the hill wins the block of cheese. Since the block has a one-second head start and can gain speed up to 70 miles per hour because of the steep slope, it has the risk of injuring the spectators. Thus in 2013, it was replaced with a foam block and the winner was awarded the actual block of cheese.

Extreme Ironing

bizzare sports
Image Credits: Frontroll

This sport might just be developed by someone who has a knack for ironing and really enjoys the adventure. Extreme Ironing is an extreme sport in which people carry an ironing board to a remote location and iron a piece of clothing. Extreme ironing is the latest danger sport that mixes the thrills of extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt” by Extreme Ironing Bureau. So now, go sky-diving, carry an ironing board and iron in the air or go scuba-diving to do underwater ironing.

Wife Carrying

bizzare sports
Image Credits: Metro

Got a female partner and love beer? Well, then you must know about this. Wife Carrying is an annual championship held in Finland since 1992. While carrying their female partner in a particular style, the males need to complete a route of obstacles as fast as possible and the winner is awarded the amount of beer same as the weight of their wife. The several styles of carrying include piggyback, Estonian style and Fireman’s carry.

Toe Wrestling

bizzare sports
Image Credits: Dunay News

Arm wrestling is known to everyone so why should your toes stay behind in the race. Toe Wrestling involves two opponents who lock their feet and attempt to pin each other’s foot down with no time limit similar to arm wrestling. You must take off your socks and shoes and play bare feet.


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