Midnight Snacks: A Treat For The Hungry Nights

midnight snacks
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While you are standing in front of the pantry puzzled as to what to eat in the middle of the night, your hand reaches out to the cheese crackers you are craving for. But then, almost instantly you start feeling guilty of serving your body with junk at an hour that would disturb your digestion. Midnight snacks are probably the most awaited part of the night when you take a break from work and munch while watching the next episode of your ongoing series.

With the inception of delivery services 24*7, cravings have an increasing chance of satisfaction with midnight snacks. For students during their exams or professionals working from home, midnight snacks are their go-to option. This generation dominatingly has their most focused and productive experiences at night. People spend more hours being awake at dusk than at dawn, their entertainment and relaxation hours have shifted to the night. Exercise timings that were ideally constituted in the first half of the day have now transcended to later in the evening.

Midnight snacks that we usually resort to aren’t the healthiest options to exist. Risen cholesterol and blood sugar levels, disturbed digestion and metabolism and a gradual increase in weight are all consequences of these munches. If snacking becomes a daily cycle for you, you must identify the reason for its occurrence. It could be due to staying awake for work and studies, it could be due to stress and not being able to sleep at night or due to mere boredom and the need to munch while bingeing on a film. If it is a repercussion of stress, then you must resort to therapy rather than snacking. You have to be conscious enough when it is an escape from boredom because it is only harming your body. However, during unmissable times like studying or working, you could turn to these healthy and palette-appetising nibbles when you’re hungry.

Among others, specifically, berries, cherries, bananas and kiwis are healthy options. You could pair these with almond butter or low-fat yoghurt. A slightly sweet blend of these fruits into a smoothie could both preserve health and taste.

Nuts and Seeds
Pumpkin seeds, a salty and crunchy chomp to the mouth are a perfect midnight snack. Dry fruits and nuts roasted with a hint of salt and pepper are a yummy choice. They suppress hunger and are a highly fulfilling and quick snack.

midnight snacks
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A night for a healthy cheat? Popcorn is the best companion. You can cook them in minimal oil or butter and they are likely to make you feel light, not heavy before going to bed.

For those who struggle with a night of peaceful sleep, you can have a boiled egg or two with a dash of salt and pepper.

Avocado Toast
As healthy as it is for breakfast, it can serve for the night too. It is a gourmet option with selected spices on fresh avocados with a toasty loaf.

Too hungry and had little dinner or just looking for a wholesome meal? Put some oats in a bowl, add in fresh fruits, chia seeds, and yoghurt and you’re good to go.

If you possess a sweet tooth, then opt for sorbets instead of ice creams. Sorbets being dairy free possess less fat but their sugar content is just as harmful. However, finding a sugar-free one or making one at home can manipulate its health qualification for good.

These are some of the best midnight snacks to satisfy your cravings and not make you feel guilty while going to bed or heavy while waking up. Crunchy, wholesome or sweet, this is your time to give a twist to the myth of unhealthy munchies and make it suit your nutrition.


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