Break Up And All Is Fine. Ever Had A Long Distance Relationship With Your Bestfriend?

Long Distance Relationship
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After 10 years of long and strong friendship, when the time arrived to part ways and fly to a far off nation for her further studies, I realised how much impact my best friend had on my life. There I was standing in the airport bidding her farewell. Soon after I lost sight of her, I received a text saying, “Stop weeping like a sissy, best friends don’t break up and definitely have a successful long distance relationship”

You will agree with me on this: you will sail through without having a love relationship, but will find it impossible to survive without someone who holds the ability to listen to you while you go on blabbering for hours and not once get tired of it. Your best friend. 

The real problem arises when you or your best friend have to move to a different city/state/ or even worse, a different country for unavoidable reasons. When you part ways, the real pangs of a long distance relationship start hitting you. Thanks to technology for making the suffering a little less unbearable. 

If you too have entered into a long distance relationship with your best friend, then you are sure to find these things relatable

You miss snacking together at your favorite eatery

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If you two are a foodie, you are definitely going to miss eating your ‘regulars’ at your favorite eateries and restaurants. Besides, what the fun of eating those ‘regulars’ at some different places, especially without your better half. 

You no longer know the details of each other’s lives 

During the times when you lived in the same geographical area as your best friend, you used to meet up and also call each other multiple times a day to convey even the minor things that happened through the course of the day. This, however, has changed. Now, you probably just talk once a day and convey the more important things of your life to each other. 

When you are fast asleep at night, your best friend is probably at college attending lectures

Now, this is only for those who don’t live in the same country anymore. Given the time difference, it becomes difficult to communicate. Even if your best friend is just a state away, your schedules still stand changed. Even this can cause constraints in communication. 

You meet up and do things together over a video call 

Long distance relationship
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Be it having a video chat over a cup of coffee or while performing household chores, you make it a point to ‘virtually meet up’. Video call is really the only and best option to keep up with each other’s lives. This is the best way to know each other’s well being. Of course, a video call isn’t always convenient given the time difference and conflict of schedules, but if you have a habit of talking to him/her on a daily basis, I suggest you take time out of your busy schedule and keep at it.  

Constantly exchanging videos and picture

You two have started sharing the best moments of your current life through images, videos, and boomerangs. If your gallery is filled with your best friend’s pictures, you are are just strengthening your bond. 

Feelings of insecurity arise when you see your best bud pose with some new friends

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Alright, this hurts. Obviously it will because seeing your friend pose with some of her new friends might make you think that she has widened her options. Even worse is when the image is captioned with “living the best life with the best people”, “friendship goals be like”, “favorite human”, etc.

You often find yourself listening to songs you dedicated to each other 

Though this is cliched, we have all done this. Especially with Bollywood making us all dramatic, we are bound to listen to this song whenever we miss our best friend. 

There are times when you miss your best friend and just want to hug him/her tightly 

Reality check: This is going to happen to you at least once every three days. The moment you start missing your best friend or feel like hugging him/her tightly, do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call. We have the internet and we must put it to its best use!

Your best friend is probably the most prized possession in your life. I can bank on the fact that no matter how much distance and time constraints come in between the two of you, you will always have your best friend standing right next to you whenever you need him/her. You will ‘make it work’ through all the highs and lows. 


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