Climate Change Requires Climate Action. What Action Have You Taken?

Climate Action
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Over the last decade, awareness regarding the importance of climate action has finally reached people’s doors and yet, there remains a lack of active participation towards the changing conditions. We as individuals might find it tricky in understanding how we can contribute towards improving the deteriorating climatic conditions. However, we collectively need to look outside the box to assess and find out climate actions that can lead up to a better future for us and the forthcoming generations. 

Looking through several resources, these are a couple of findings that could really inspire you to take climate action forward with more enthusiasm, hope, and guidance. 

1.Save, and Save and Save Some More! 

When using your resources, even as basic as electricity and water, SAVE as much as possible. Try to make sure you conserve resources and do not go on wasting materials around yourself. Consume only that much which is required, and preserve the rest for later. 

Advice: Electricity can be saved by switching off appliances when not in use, and for saving water, turn off taps when not using. Take a bucket to bathe over a shower or a long, consuming bath in the tub. 

2. Find Renewable Resources as Alternatives

Just like using a solar panel, there is usually another material that can be used and will not vanish like the non-renewable ones. Solar panels and hydro-generators are the perfect solutions to using electricity, even when they are a little costly. What would you choose? Money or your livelihood? 

Advice: Install CNG in your car. It is a better option than using Petrol/ Diesel, resources which are non-renewable. 

3. Eat Better for the Climate 

When you go vegan it actually benefits the environment. How? It restores the balance in the community and decreases the chance of major change in the environment that way! 

Advice: Go vegan, buy dairy products, do not waste food at any cost. Even better if you could grow your own food! 

4. Think About Your Commute Options

Cars are the highest reason for pollution in major Indian cities. Changing your travel method could definitely boost climate action. 

Advice: Use public transportation, carpools, metros, bicycles, electric-hybrid vehicles. You must also walk, instead of choosing to travel in a rickshaw, when you have to get to nearby places. 

5. Support and Attend Many Youth-Led Organisations that are Working on Climate Action. 

One of the major help you can provide towards climate change is to be a part of it. Learn about the changes, study on the present ideas that could bring about wellness and join protests and movements. Spread awareness and teach yourself, and your surroundings. 

Advice:  Major organizations are involved in these movements. Here are a couple you could join- Fridays for Future, Climate Strike and Our Time

Every little bit of the effort you make counts. Climate change is the most real and challenging phenomenon in front of us. As citizens of earth, we are responsible for it. 

Let’s get to work!


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