Types of Cat Aspirants

The most popular entrance exam in Indian has its own devotees. Here are a few types:

The God: Always knows all the Answers, has always seen the question format before, is bound to score an obscene percentile, never suffers from exam tension, makes us normal folk want to kill him/her

The-Nothing-to-Lose(R): He decides to take the CAT even though he has no intention of studying management. He studies nothing. He is one of those fabled souls who gets a percentile below 10. He increases our percentile. God bless him

The Worrier: She Loses 20% of her body weight preparing for the cat. She tells Everyone she meets how she’s going to fail miserably. And she ends up getting in, albeit in a slightly reduced condition

The Empty Vessel: He can be seen near his cat class talking about how he solved 100 probability probability problems the previous night and how he will choose between IIM A, B and C. Then he gets 34.31 percentile, grows a beard, and avoids his acquaintances

The Confused:
He doesn’t seem entirely surely whether he’s giving the CAT or the exam for the World Drug Users’ Federation. But he’s always comic relief in class, when he rises from his stupor and asks an irrelevant question

The Normal: We groan at the amount of work, hope that we do well and thank our stars that we aren’t any of the above


Volume 2 Issue 5


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