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When Anil’s bullet almost killed John

This is one incident that neither John Abraham nor Anil Kapoor would forget. While the film’s makers were busy shooting the climax, the gun-effects team messed up on the methodology. The scene required Anil Kapoor (who plays cop Isaque Bagwan) to shoot a blank bullet. Anil shot the same and it burst into flames as planned, but due to the close range, hit John Abraham (who plays gangster Manya Surve). It was Anil Kapoor’s bad aim that did the trick for John, as he did not hit his neck because the bullet simply went past his neck. When John fell, a doctor was immediately called on the sets to attend to John.
Anil Kapoor, who confirmed the incident, said that John was very fortunate. John said that it would have been all over for him on that day. He added that he still couldn’t believe that he was alive and that his neck was burnt, with the wound being there on his collar bone.

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