Like a Child

happy kid

|| Abhi abhi kuch guzra hai, Laaparvaah, dhool me daudta hua,
zara palat kar dekhu toh, bachpan tha shayad. ||

Happiness is a mental state of well being which is induced in an individual’s mind. It comes from within and yet people seek it on the outside.

‘Happy like an Adult’, doesn’t sound very subtle does it?  Whereas ‘Happy like a Kid’ is comparatively more subtle. Hey, it’s not my fault and neither am I trying to generalize things but why is it that We or I (in this case) can relate the word Happy with the word ‘kid’ more easily than compared to relating Happy with ‘Adult’? Can’t Adults be happy? Well frankly, I’m confused. Do humans lose their happiness as they grow up to become adults? Why do humans become weaker with the passing of time? The more I think, more and more strange questions come to mind. And I want to know the “Why” in these as I’m quite a curious person.

Remember those days when we were kids?  We had no worries or troubling thoughts, what we had was causeless happiness.
We as kids back then, had the ability to find happiness in almost everything as we could then realize the beauty in everything. But then we started aging and like everyone else, we got caught up in this rat race called Life. And in this process of “growing up”, we forgot the most important thing, the prime ingredient required to lead a beautiful life – Happiness. We try to seek happiness from the outside world or from other people in the form of physical objects, personal expectations, relationships, love & laughter, etc but what we fail to realize is that real happiness lies within us.

As kids , we didn’t know what was Good or Bad, Beautiful or Ugly, Heaven or Hell. We didn’t know the difference. Because back then, everything seemed good. We never thought of differentiating between things. Just like a new born baby who is just a few months old or even toddlers

As small kids, our vision was much broader and was not blinded by the curtains of judgment but as we kept growing older, our visions started becoming darker. Judgmental thoughts started arising in our young uncorrupted minds littering the beauty which prevailed within us. Who is to blame for coding our minds with such negative thinking?


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