Lee releases special summer clothing


Clothing brand unveils apparel for the sweltering summer heat

Lee, the international apparel brand, has launched a revolutionary new line of clothes for the summer under the collection name ‘No Sweat’. In the 125th year of its existence, Lee has found the perfect combination for its Indian following to stay trendy as well as comfortable while the temperatures soar this season.

“We tend to look at summer as a season to stay indoors. A season to do away with our quintessential denim. At Lee, we thought it doesn’t have to be that way, and No Sweat is the result of that. It helps and urges people to go out, explore, do new things and celebrate life, regardless of the weather”, says Vipul Mathur, Head-Marketing at Lee.

The following styles of denim will be available under the No Sweat collection:

Performair – clothing made from a denim material that is designed to allow sweat to evaporate faster.

Summer-Mix – clothing made from a blend of linen and denim to combine the light comfort of linen and the ruggedness of denim.

Minerals  denim enriched with moisturizing elements to protect the skin from hot and dry weather experienced in the summer.

Fragrant – clothing infused with jasmine and lemongrass aromas to keep away body odour and keep the body refreshed.

The collection will be available across India in exclusive Lee stores, and multi-brand outlets and e-commerce websites that stock Lee.

The price of the collection starts from Rs 2599.




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