Lebmex, Mumbai – (Per Person Rs.250)


This vegetarian joint at Chowpatty claims to serve authentic Lebanese, Mexican and a mash-up of the two cuisines. You’ll be greeted by yellow, green and orange walls and as you proceed inside, some kitsch poster art of smiling Mexican chilli peppers. The restaurant has an open kitchen too. It gets even better if you happen to be a student as they offer a 20 per cent discount for students. Choose from like Lebanese dishes like hummus with pita, falafel and shawarma rolls, and Mexican preparations like fajitas, quesadillas, burritos and chalupas as well as fusion dishes like Mexican falafel, Mexican hummus and Mediterranean burritos. The falafel in a thick pita pocket was hard to chew while the pita, stuffed with diced cucumbers and tomatoes was sparsely dressed with a watery and bitter labneh. The sundried tomato hummus had a smooth texture and was definitely the standout dish in the meal, even though there was no sign of any sundried tomatoes. We proceeded to the Mexican section with whatever little fervour we could muster. Lebmex uses five ingredients for its Mexican fare– refried beans, cheese, lettuce and red and yellow peppers. The best thing about the tacos was the crisp shell! The complimentary chipotle salsa, which lacked fire, failed to compensate for the blandness. The burrito was a mushy mess of beans. One also gets a complimentary drink. Lebmex assures you that your hankering for anything Mexican or Lebanese will be killed.
Shop No 6, ground floor, Marina Mansion, S.V.P. Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007
-Aanchal Tripathi

Volume 2 Issue 1


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