Up and Above, Pune – (Per Person Rs.400)


Located on the outskirts of Pune, Up and Above is a renowned restaurant in Chandni Chowk. An ‘old masterpiece’ is what it would have been called, had you visited it earlier. In this fast track world, all that is new takes not more than a blink to be classified as ‘old’ today. With more and more restaurants coming up and people dying to set themselves free to experience the various delicacies, restaurants are making a huge business. In the dilemma of which restaurant to try this weekend, the old beauties are being neglected. Up and above offers an exotic ambience to make your visit even more worth the time. It is a 3-floored restaurant located on a hill top. Each floor has its own distinct view of the town under the bright light of the stars. It’s an ideal place for a romantic, candle light dinner! It offers a great variety of food ranging from veg starters to mouth watering non-veg cuisine. Even the simplest ‘masala papad’ can melt in your mouth with ease! Their own classic recipes of mocktails freshen one, in and out. But just like every other old foodie-hub of this town, over time this restaurant has experienced a mild decline in its popularity. Upcoming pubs and food-joints have brainwashed the citizens of this old beauty. Subsequently, the food quality has also declined but this would only be noticeable by old customers. So I can assure you that even after all these years the food of this place is a delightful journey, yet to be explored all over again!
No. 75, Chandni Chowk, Kothrud, Pune-411029
-Pankhuri Shukla

Volume 2 Issue 1


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