Lacy Wristlets


Fashionista and avid blogger Gargi Salgaonkar from shows you how to make your own peppy bracelets at home

How to make your funky wristlet

Measure the size of your wrist and then add a few extra centimetres to it. Measure this length onto your chain and then cut it with metal scissors or pliers.

Unleash your creative pangs and pick ribbons that appeal to you and move them back and forth into each chain link to intertwine the chain and ribbons together. Remember to make a loop at each end.


What you will need
1. Discarded chains (like old luggage chains or from old/unused handbags)
2. Ribbons (in as many colours as you want)
3. Pliers/metal scissors

Complete your wristlet with knotting both ends firmly. (add about three knots)
Quick tip: Run the ends of the ribbon through heat to prevent them from fraying.

You can create multiple wristlets and match them with your apparel or even wear them all together!


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