Kryptos by Willi, Chennai


Located at the high street of Chennai, Khader NK Road, Kryptos by Willi is the only Greek and Cypriot restaurant in the city.  As the name suggests, Kryptos (hidden), one needs to descend down a flight of stairs into a basement to enter the place. With wooden and stone interiors and ambient lighting, the place is warm and allows family dinners as well. There’s also a community table in the centre for the adventurous who don’t mind meeting new people over some great food. Try the hot or cold mezzé on an iced counter.  The hummus is mouth-watering and one of the most delectable mezzé dishes was the Eliotes, a samosa-like pastry with an olive and herb filling. For the main course, the Spanaki kai Tyri Kotopoulo, chicken breast with spinach and cheese with red pepper marinade, was simply scrumptious. For dessert, try the sizzling dumplings spurting dark chocolate — simply heavenly. It’s a great evening out with the family, and portions are sizeable too. – Shweta Jalan (Rs.600 /  Rs.1000)

Volume 1 Issue 1


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