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When it comes to beauty, Korean beauty products are a game changer. Kesar Majethia talks about some of the most coveted products from this eccentric beauty industry.

With the beauty industry being Korea’s second largest sector, without a doubt their beauty products are currently dominating international cosmetic outlets and are innovative, result-oriented and effective. What is even more surprising is Korea’s ability to innovate a myriad of revolutionary products that become international bestsellers instantly. We suggest a few that you absolutely need in your beauty bag:


Cushion Compact

Not long ago did Korea’s innovative BB cream flooded global markets and made way into every girl’s makeup bag. But, that wasn’t enough. So, they invented the new ‘Cushion Compact’ which is a BB cream that is liquidated and compressed into a a travel-friendly compact. It combines the benefits of a foundation, sunscreen and tinted moisturizer and does not leave you with cakey looking skin. And although leading Korean brands are recreating versions of this product, the most popular product is by AmorePacific, a Korean bestselling brand.

Snail Foam Cleanser

You read that right. Apparently, snail slime has been a sought after Korean ingredient for years. It contains glycolic acid, which prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and penetrates the pores of your skin to remove blackheads and dirt. Snail slime also contains high levels of protein which helps repair skin cells and gives a natural glow to your skin. Snail foam cleansers by two of Koreas leading brands, Mizon and Tony Moly, are currently all the rage right now.

Face Masks

Another revolutionary invention, the concept behind face masks was to develop a product that can cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin in a jiffy. Korean brands then applied this theory and diversified it to create various different face masks catering to different skincare concerns, skin types and core ingredients. We’d recommend a mask from the Innisfree selection.

Beauty Water

What if you could buy a toner, exfoliator and cleanser all in one product? Well, Korea has heard your silent wish. A leading Korean cosmetic brand, Son and Park, created Beauty Water, which can be used as a face mist to hydrate your skin before applying makeup. With natural ingredients such as willow bark and papaya, Beauty Water removes all impurities and dead skin cells along with deeply hydrating your skin. The glaring feature of Beauty Water is that it suits all skin types and has a pH level of 5, which neutralizes your skin after application.


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