Kick-Starting Your Career In Politics


Are you someone who’s always leading the class, your group of friends or colleagues? Do you think you are blessed with ingenious leadership skills? If you think you are the one who can give speeches in public and realize what you speak, a career in politics might be a prodigious option for you. The good lord knows India needs better. Here’s what you need to keep in mind before wearing that dhoti and practicing your first speech.

Start early

The political state of affairs in India is making news every day. The current BJP government overwhelms the masses with campaigns like Swachh Bharat Ahbhiyan or demonetization of the currency. If there’s any right time to get yourself involved in the state of affairs, it is now. A report suggests 430 million young people live in India. These young people need visionary leaders. The cabinet of Indian ministers lack young people. This clearly means there’s an oppression of voice of young people in the ministry.

By starting early, you need to first realize whether a career in politics is the best option for you. You can start this by identifying whether you are interested in social issues and public welfare. For a politician, it is very important to look deeper and care about the people living around them.

Secondly, you need to understand and reflect on the scale of action and impact you want from your job. Do you want to help a particular area, community, part of the society? Or do you want to tackle problems that are common to everybody like social evils? Once you know what you want to do, there will be other puzzles to solve. How to do? Where to do? Why to do and when to do?

Mark your focus areas/Study your subjects well

Entering Indian political scene doesn’t ask you to crack any tough entrance exams or demand a professional degree. What you do need is the understanding of problems and living conditions of people. Political career is all about leading the group and making sure that people have no trouble in leading a decent life. Make sure that you are well aware about the rights and laws as described in the Indian constitution. As a politician, your audience is the common man. Take care to win the hearts of aam aadmi.

Another way to start your career in politics is to be actively involved in groups at school and college level. Participating in events and activities will hone you with skills and confidence you’d need after you become a politician.

Stay fair and active

One of the main things people seek in a politician is transparency. Make sure that you have no criminal records against you or are not involved in any illegal activities. Helping existing parties in campaigning or joining marches to have your voice heard is also another great way to let people know about your interests and interact with like-minded people. Stay interested in what’s happening in the world and make sure you state your opinions with an open mind.

Making use of social media and letting people know of your interests can help you a great deal. Lastly, there are a couple of internships available with ministers. Check them out and see if that’s how you want to make an entry.


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