Keep Your Feet Happy This Monsoon

monsoon footwear
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After the scorching heat, it’s again going to be that time of year when we start pulling out our rainy apparels and umbrellas. With the monsoons round the corner, fashion freaks will start gearing up for monsoon looks. You don’t want to be left out, do you?

In monsoons, there isn’t much to show in your clothing other than raincoats and windcheaters except if you couple it with chic, cool and yet comfortable footwear. We are bringing to you a range of footwear that will soothe your feet in the wet climate and also make you look stylish.

Here is a list of perfect footwear for all you monsoon lovers:


monsoon footwear
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They came in fashion and have not left since then. Crocs are rain friendly. They are very comfortable and can be worn while going for a walk or anywhere with your friends. Durable in nature, crocs are long- can be paired with denims, floral dresses or shorts. They have a lot of varieties like slippers, shoes, sandals, and flip flops. If being fancy is your personality, you can always go ahead and try out crocs with colorful designs and patterns on them.  


If you are the kind of person who cannot bear getting your feet wet or dirty, then gumboots is the best choice for you in the rainy season. They can go well with short skirts, dresses and jeans. You must wear socks to avoid blisters. There are many varieties in gumboots and you can choose the perfect ones according to your preference.

monsoon footwear
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Rubber Footwear

Most casual ones, the rubber footwear are always preferred in monsoon season as the soles have good grip and are very comfortable. Stylish rubber footwear which are bright in color and have good print on it, can go with Indian as well as western clothes.

monsoon footwear
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Flip-Flops are very comfortable and enable you to walk confidently on slippery wet floors. They ensure you don’t have a ‘great fall’. Flip-flops can be worn on daily wear. They go best on casual denims and t-shirts and lose shorts. Girl can wear flip flops on long casual dresses as well.

monsoon footwear
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For girls who love to wear heels, don’t be disappointed. If you think that you can’t go out without wearing heels during monsoons, then the best option would be to go in for wedges in rainy season. It is the best alternative. Wedges will not just maintain the style quotient but also provide a grip to your feet which will prevent you from slipping and tripping.

monsoon footwear
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Before making a choice, keep these few tips to ensure you select perfect footwear for yourself:

  • Go for bright colored footwear like Orange, Red, Pink, Royal Blue, and Purple and avoid wearing light colors too.
  • Avoid wearing bellies and shoes to keep away from foot infections.
  • Wear comfortable rubber footwear.

It is time you put your expensive branded shoes and heels in the shelves and remove your comfortable, non-slippery footwear this monsoon.


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